A Swiss Symphony

May 01, 2016, 10:34 IST | Team SMD

The Orchestre de la Suisse Romande is in town and here's why you should catch them

Sometimes at the end of a great war, comes a revolution. In the case of Europe, it came in some small part as the The Orchestre de la Suisse Romande, a musical relief after the hard years. Fueled by the devotion of its founder Ernest Ansermet, and later conductors, it became a European treasure. With musicians from all over the world as a part of it, the orchestra is known for its fine rendering of the greats.

Violinist Renaud Capucon
Violinist Renaud Capucon

The 112-strong orchestra, which will be led by Grammy Award-winning conductor Ozmo Vanska, also includes renowned French violinist Renaud Capucon. Vanska is known for his innovative renditions of classics that interpret them in a completely new way while keeping the original intent intact. "We always understand the culture and the tastes of the audience in each country and play accordingly," said Vanska via email.

Meanwhile, Renaud Capucon, who also is a chamber musician, says that the most challenging part of playing the violin is actually playing notes of Carnatic music.

Conductor Osmo Vanska
Conductor Osmo Vanska

"As a violinist, the most challenging aspect for me initially was the bowing. But bowing gets easier and the fingering gets tougher as you proceed. In Carnatic music, there is something called gamakas (sliding notes). Some of these are extremely complex," Capucon told us via email. Right now, all they want is to touch the hearts of fans. "We want them to have the most memorable time of their life," signs off Capucon.

When: May 4 and 5, 7.30 PM
Where: NCPA, Marine Drive
Tickets: Rs 500 – Rs 1,500
Log on to: www.bookmyshow.com

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