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Oct 17, 2013, 01:25 IST | Ruchika Kher and Soma Das

Three theatre production houses have come together to try and get theatre out of designated spaces and to make it available at alternate venues. Continuing the effort is Tram Theatre who will bring two of its plays to Bandra, this weekend

In an effort to bring theatre to every corner of Mumbai, and to develop all kinds of spaces as theatrical venues, Tram Theatre, Q Theatre Productions (QTP) and Gillo Theatre Repertory, have come together to develop multiple theatre spaces around accessible places. Earlier this month, QTP performed at different venues; now, Tram will perform — Alice in Wonderland and A Bird’s Eye View — in Bandra, this weekend.

A still from A Bird Eye’s View

“It is our dream that someday soon there will be a theatre show every day just around the corner from your homes,” says Choiti Ghosh of Tram Theatre. Tram Theatre specialises in Object Theatre, where objects and imagery take precedence. The experimental art form brings a confluence of elements such as acting, music, images and objects. “We gravitated towards object theatre because at a fundamental level it dismisses all hierarchies. If the actor is at the same level as a bucket and a mop, where is the space for superiority and inferiority? This philosophy has permeated into our work,” she reasons, adding, “Both are our experiments with art forms.”

A still from Alice In Wonderland

She adds, “Tram is an Object Theatre Company, but in course of making different plays we’ve seen our work incorporate several different art forms — using objects and imagery as the base. Imagery plays a huge role in both plays.” Alice in Wonderland uses object theatre, puppetry, shadows, music and acting, while A Bird’s Eye View has objects, toys, paintings and a solo actor to tell a story for adults and children.

Their major challenge was to find the right space: “Funds and audiences remain challenges but these shows work best in intimacy, with the audience.”

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