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Jul 24, 2014, 09:40 IST | Kartiki Nitin Lawate

Writer Soumitra Singh marks his debut with his novel, The Child of Misfortune

Soumitra Singh has recently come out with a book, The Child of Misfortune. A geopolitical thriller, the book traverses a variety of terrains and settings such as a conflict in the frozen Siachen, or Offshore Financial Centres. Singh remarks that, “The story aims at providing groundbreaking insight into these matters through a fast-paced action-adventure narrative.”

Writer Soumitra Singh
Writer Soumitra Singh

He further admits that the book required in-depth research. “Yes I did a lot of research. I went and stayed in Kashmir and did the study of the area and then wrote the book. I wanted people to understand the condition of this area as a lot is happening here which does not reach us, so the book mentions it,” says Singh. The book deals with the edgy topic of terrorism, however, the writer feels that he is not the right person to comment on it.

The Child of Misfortune
The Child of Misfortune, Soumitra Singh, SD Authentic Publications, Rs 350. Available at leading bookstores.

“I can’t explain why it occurs in terms of social or psychological reasons. If there are terrorists or any other criminal activities then we must consider what should be done to stop it and how they get the finances for the same and what are the ways in which people do money laundering. My book is based on the ways in which it can be stopped,” he says of the thriller starts in Srinagar and deals with what has become of its economy. “I wrote about Kashmir as I have being hearing about it a lot and so wanted to tell it to the people,” he signs off.

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