A touch of glass

Jan 18, 2013, 01:19 IST | Ruchika Kher

Now, your empty glass bottles can give your home loads of character, thanks to Bangalore-based brand, Glass Hoppers that does fun things to transform bottles into creative pieces of design

When Ronson Anthony’s wife got a blue slumped bottle as a gift, it piqued his curiosity, and the seed of Glass Hoppers had been sown. As the next step, this MBA graduate launched the brand with his wife Dhanya R. The duo offer a range of products created out of slumping glass.

Table Lamp. Rs 1,400

“The process we use is called slumping. By controlling the heat, using chemicals and a lot of creativity and patience, we make beautiful products from used bottles and waste glass,” shares Anthony.

Glass act
Glass Hoppers has products starting from `300 onwards that include clocks, lamps, decorative pieces and platters amongst other things. “We at Glass Hoppers adhere to the philosophy that products must be a pleasure to own and a pleasure to use.

Round wall clock. Rs 1,200

We create products that will not just serve your needs, but will do so with élan and chutzpah,” expresses Anthony, who plans to open an outlet in Mumbai and is on a lookout for partners and a suitable location.  At present, Ronson is happy with the response and is hoping for more support in the future.

“We owe a big thank you to our customers. We’ve grown only through word-of-mouth and our Facebook page. We are constantly on the look out for ideas to create more products to suit our customers’ needs. We hope and wish that our customers continue to support and encourage us,” he says.

Log on to www.glasshoppers.in or www.facebook.com/glasshoppers/

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