A tribute to the master

Jun 08, 2012, 10:07 IST | Swapnal tilekar

Nineteen artists from the city have come together to pay tribute to legendary artist MF Hussain through their paintings on the occasion of his first death anniversary

Waves Art Gallery is coming up with a special exhibition where many artists will pay tribute to the legendary artist late MF Hussain. Well-known artist Raju Sutar, who will also be displaying his work as part of this exhibition, says, “Today, I think I will have to live with the guilt of not doing enough to get MF Hussain back to the country.

Artwork by artist Raju Sutar

A while ago when I was chatting with artists Pandurang Tathe and Nitin Hadap, Professor Tathe came up with the idea of paying Hussain saab a tribute by painting a small canvas that can be exhibited at the gallery. So, we artists from Pune are coming together to pay this great artist a tribute on the occasion of his first death anniversary.”

The exhibition is a compilation of paintings from 19 artists who are paying tribute to MF Hussain in their own artistic way through their individual paintings.

“It is our way to show our support to MF Hussain sir. Whatever happened with him was very unfortunate. We wanted to bring him back to the country but sadly it could not happen before he breathed his last,” Sutar adds.

Some of the artworks that will be part of the exhibition include ‘Between the shadows of exhausted lands’ which is a 16 feet by 3 feet painting by Sutar and ‘Crucifixion Revisited’ by artist Vaishali Oak. These artworks have been dedicated to MF Hussain’s life and work.

Some of the other artists whose artworks will be part of this exhibition are Uday Bandiwadekar, Sandip Sonawne, Vikram Kulkarni, Anu Kulkarni, Vikram Marathe, Meenal Bhawsar and Mayura Khot.

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