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Published: Sep 09, 2011, 11:25 IST | Amrita Bose |

The Guide Team ordered in some delish cupcakes, lollies and breads from the home run bakery Whisk and Whip. But the travel to collect them on a busy day turned out to be a bummer

The Guide Team ordered in some delish cupcakes, lollies and breads from the home run bakery Whisk and Whip. But the travel to collect them on a busy day turned out to be a bummer

Cupcakes are now to the city's culinary map what backpacks are to any IT professional. There has been a spurt of  home bakers making and topping these little cakes with everything from frosting to sugar fairies to animals shaped out of marzipan and even photo prints. What's more, some even offer healthy whole wheat and sugar free options for those who can't bite into these miniature cakes without feeling guilty.

Carrot & Raisin Whole Wheat Cupcakes

Keeping its popularity in mind, we decided to order in some cupcakes along with other goodies to the MiD DAY office for a tea time snack from Whisk and Whip, a home baking company run by Domlur resident Samruddhi Nayak. This home baker bakes everything from pastries, tea cakes, muffins, brownies, cupcakes, decorated, chocolate chip, peanut butter and shortbread cookies along with quiches, pies and 40 kinds of chocolates.

We decided to order in a batch of dozen Carrot & Raisin Cupcakes made out of whole wheat (gluten free and vegan versions are also available) with a cream cheese frosting along with some Chocolate Cake Lollies (also in a vanilla version) and Mint Pesto Breads. While the goodies looked very delicious on the Whisk & Whip Facebook page, what we found a bit of a problem was the fact that we had to trudge all the way to Domlur on a weekday morning to collect the cakes. While the lollies had been wrapped in plastic neatly and breads packed in eco-friendly brown paper bags, the cupcakes were sticking to each other by the time we opened them, thanks to the cream cheese frosting which had melted a bit along the journey.

But the taste more than made up for it. The cupcakes were filled with raisins and came with a strong hint of cinnamon. Crumbly and slightly sticky in the centre, the cupcakes have a slightly tangy cream cheese frosting. It was sweet and reminded us of muffins but the frosting made it all the more special, although a slightly stiffer frosting would have been ideal rather than the melted one, which probably is great for immediate consumption. The Cake Lollies turned out to be balls of fudge dipped in what else but chocolate and garnished with colourful sprinklers. We suspect these lollies would be a hit with kids as it was with us adults.

The pesto bread twists came with a strong hint of mint but we could not really taste any of the pungency of the pesto. While the edges of the bread had been baked to a nice crisp, it could have done with some hidden parmesan inside the crust. The bread can serve as a good tea time snack. We also got some complimentary chocolate samplers along with our orders.

We wish Whisk and Whip would actually send us an assortment of different kinds of cupcakes rather than only one kind and do away with the criterion of having to order in dozens of one kind only. But Samruddhi, who ran a toy library for kids before and has just started Whisk & Whip in July 2011, probably is trying to keep the logistical costs down, an essential teething problem for most small scale home businesses. Else, we would have loved to taste  the rest of the goodies she makes.  
Where Whisk and Whip, No 181, 2nd B Cross, Domlur II nd Stage
Call 9448745153
For Carrot & Resin Whole Wheat Cupcakes R 50 each, Cake Lollies, R 75 each and Mint Pesto Breads, R 50 each.

A minimum order of a dozen needs to be given for cupcakes and lollies and half a dozen for breads. An advance notice of 24 hours is required.

Whisk and Whip didn't know we were there. The Guide reviews anonymously and pays for meals.

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