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Jun 22, 2015, 08:19 IST | Suprita Mitter

Shradhanjali.com is a Web portal which helps relive the lives of our parted loved ones and ancestors

Offering an online memorial service to your loved ones is a recent concept in India, and is soon picking up. It’s a space where friends and family create an archive with personal messages, life-details, photographs, videos and other remembrances of the deceased person.

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“My partner and I were drinking tea, when we realised that our snacks were packed in a page, that carried the
obituary section of a newspaper. We thought to ourselves that had it been one of our relatives whose photograph these snacks were served on, it would have hurt us deeply. While thinking of an alternative, we realised that the best way to preserve memories these days, is online. We looked for Indian memorial websites on a search engine and when we didn’t find any, we decided to start our own,” says Vivek Vyas, co-owner, Shradhanjali.com.

(L-R)  Vimal Popat and Vivek Vyas, founders, Shradhanjali.com
(L-R)  Vimal Popat and Vivek Vyas, founders, Shradhanjali.com

The start up, owned by Vivek Vyas and Vimal Popat, had its share of teething problems. With regular jobs in an insurance company, the duo would not get enough time for their self-funded venture. This led them to resign and put in extensive research into their project, which was also acknowledged by Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, who was given a presentation about the website.

The Gujarat-based advertising-free portal has over 400 paid profiles currently, and offers message options in seven languages including Hindi, English and Gujarati. Netizens can share photographs, biographies, and condolence messages and also choose religious background music to go with a profile. It also offers reminders on various important dates like the death anniversary and other religious functions.

Log on to: www.shradhanjali.com

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