A vinyl makeover

Sep 01, 2012, 04:12 IST | Surekha S

The Revolving Club, a new vinyl club started by two music enthusiasts in the city, hopes to encourage music lovers to experience the joys of listening to music on vinyl

Jude de Souza believes that music of any genre will sound much better when heard on vinyl. This belief led him to start a new club, The Revolving Club, which hopes to encourage people to listen to music on vinyl records. Along with his partner, Sushil Anand, he runs a store called Nova Audion in Mahim, which sells high-end music accessories, turntables and a variety of LPs and the two of them have decided to start this club and hold the meetings of the club at their store.

Playing vinyl on a turntable

“The idea of starting this club was not for nostalgia or to create music snobs,” says 24-year-old de Souza. “I wanted people to discover the joy of listening to music on vinyls and for those who want to know about LPs and turntables, we give them a place to start,”
he adds.

The club had its first meeting last Sunday and they already have over 10 members. “We will hold listening sessions, sessions on the technical aspects of vinyls and trivia about music,” says de Souza. They plan to organise their first listening session, on Led Zeppelin, soon.

Members of the club will have access to a variety of LPs and will be able to exchange them with other members.

According to de Souza, vinyl is the best way of listening to music: “When you listen to songs on vinyl, you realise it brings out subtleties that you may not have noticed before. It brings out the different layers of the music and once you start enjoying it, you are hooked on to it.”

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