Aage Se Right - Movie Review

Published: Sep 05, 2009, 08:29 IST | Sarita Tanwar

In a comedy, you can rarely go wrong, and when you do, you go completely wrong. There are no half measures.

What it's about: In a comedy, you can rarely go wrong, and  when you do, you go completely wrong. There are no half measures. And it's a tough job, especially if you're handling a situational comedy where screenplay is your trump card.
Sadly, there's no left or right in Indrajit Nattoji's Aage Se Right, which comes across more as a tragedy or errors.
The film is about sissy cop Dinkar Waghmare's (Talpade) missing gun. He loses his gun on the first day of duty.
He's scared of telling his superiors, which leads to a series of weird mishaps and misadventures, leading to a grand finale where Dinkar predictably emerges a hero.

What's hot: The screenplay had potential because the tagline is interesting. The director could've created wonders with it. It's an interesting plot that begins in a small village outside the city and takes you to on an adventure through seedy bars, a Bhojpuri film set and into smugglers' dens.
The three parallel tracks (the cop, the terrorist and the lovers) run well alongside and merge well with each other.
There are some funny bits, like the attempts of the terrorist Janubhai (Kay Kay Menon) to learn tapori lingo to woo Pearl (Shenaz Treasurywala).
Also Waghmare's mother Kunti (Bharati Achrekar) jumping out of her son's imagination onto the screen at the weirdest of times to haunt her beta ensures a few giggles.

What's bad: The real problem is that Aage Se Right is confused. It is neither straight comedy or a spoof on our films and the times we live in (the enthusiastic TV journo, the song picturisations, the bad guys' hideouts and the stereotype father opposing the daughter's marriage).
When you have a cast that comprises of at least three actors with great comic timing, you expect the film to be a laugh fest. Instead, what you get are funny bits falling into a rut.
Like the TV reporter (Mahie Gill) who wants people to SMS or Janu's struggle with 'ja rahela hai' and 'kar rahela hai' and Waghmare's mother fixation what interests you initially tires you after the first few times.
The director gets so carried away with his characters that he loses grip on the narrative.

In the end, it's just fine actors like Kay Kay, Vijay Maurya and Shreyas trying to make sense of a film that doesn't quite deliver. The climax is long drawn and tests your patience. 

What to do: Go to Chowpatty beach and play with toy guns instead. That's better value for money.

Aage Se Right
u/a; comedy
Dir: Indrajit Nattoji
Cast: Shreyas Talpade, Kay Kay Menon, Vijay Maurya, Mahie Gill, Shenaz Treasurywala

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