Aamir asks Tiger to wait it out

Feb 03, 2012, 08:53 IST | Subhash K Jha

Aamir Khan will now launch Tiger Shroff in 2013, as he wants him to be groomed for another year

Aamir Khan will now launch Tiger Shroff in 2013, as he wants him to be groomed for another year

It will now have to be one more year before Tiger Shroff will finally debut on the big screen. Aamir Khan who will be launching Jackie Shroff's son has apparently asked him to wait for another year to be groomed before his big launch in 2013.

Speaking on this, Jackie says, "That Aamir has so much faith in my boy is in itself a great endorsement for him." This year apparently will be spent in Tiger learning a rare form of martial arts. Aamir apparently feels that he needs to move beyond the usual training that all newcomers go through.

A source says, "Aamir has told Jackie and Tiger that the doors of his production house are open to Tiger any time he's ready. Aamir is ready to lend his name and clout to whatever the boy decides to do. If Tiger chooses to be launched by another producer, Aamir is even ready to help with the marketing."

Incidentally, Subhash Ghai has dropped his plans of remaking Hero with Tiger. In fact, it was Tiger who begged to be let off the film, while arguing that he would rather not be compared with his father.

Aamir Khan

Tiger says, "I wouldn't want to be in a remake of that movie. The last thing I want is to be compared with my father first thing in my career.

There's no way I can match up to him. I think that movie is better left alone." Shroff Jr says that he has been a fan of martial arts from childhood. "I remember being mesmerised the first time I saw a Bruce Lee movie. I was around four years old."

Tiger adds that Aamir is a huge inspiration for him. He points out, "I admire him for his simplicity of his character." However he also adds that his father, Jackie is his biggest idol.

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