Aamir and Sanju in a two-star hotel!

Feb 07, 2013, 08:34 IST | Kunal M Shah

Aamir Khan and Sanjay Dutt are living in a rural hotel for Raju Hirani's next 'Peekay'

Most stars take for granted the perks of being a part of Bollywood. But looks like Aamir Khan and Sanjay Dutt were more than accommodating when it came to adjusting to the need of the hour. Sources say that the two actors were more than willing to stay in a two-star hotel in Mandwa village a few hours off Jaipur for their next film.

Sanjay Dutt and Aamir Khan

A source says, “Raju Hirani and his team are shooting in a beautiful location in Rajasthan. But since it is far away from a big town, the unit is put up at a simple two-star hotel. Sanjay and Aamir are also staying there.”

Informers say that the location is at a remote area and has limited access to amenities. Our source adds, “Every day the unit reports for work at 8 am for which Sanju Baba wakes up early in the morning. He works out and directly goes to the sets thereafter.”

Role call
Contrary to initial buzz, Sanjay Dutt is not stepping into Arshad Warsi’s shoes in the film. Instead he has a completely different role. A source adds, “His role has been kept under wraps. It is a significant role and is a major highlight of the film.” 

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