AAP candidate accuses Ajit Pawar of threatening voters

Apr 18, 2014, 07:33 IST | Jyoti Nalawade

In violation of law, deputy CM was seen campaigning in villages a day before elections, threatening villagers to vote for NCP, Suresh Khopde said in his complaint

Violating the code of conduct, Ajit Pawar, who once brought shame on himself after asking drought-afflicted farmers to pee in lakes to fill them, was seen campaigning in villages with water problems a day before election, alleged AAP candidate Suresh Khopde.

AAP candidate Suresh Khopade (above) is contesting against Supriya Sule in Baramati. Pic/Sandeep Shinde

Khopde, contesting on an Aam Admi Party (AAP) ticket from Baramati constituency against Supriya Sule, filed a complaint at Wadgaon police station against Pawar yesterday, alleging that he violated the code of conduct by campaigning on the eve of elections, and threatened two drought-afflicted villages from the taluka, Murti and Masalwadi.

The complaint alleges that Pawar violated the code of conduct and put Opposition party worker behind bars by threatening them to vote for NCP. These are those 22 draught -stricken villages that strongly stand against National Congress Party for neglecting their water problems.

Supriya Sule

Khopde said, “I have videos of Pawar threatening the village people. He also threatened some Opposition workers saying ‘If you do not vote for NCP your water connections will be disconnected’. When villagers refused to do so, he called the police and put them behind bars.”

Inspector Vilas Bhosle of Wadgaon police station said, “We have accepted the complaint against Pawar, and have started an enquiry. A copy of this complaint has been forwarded to the Retaining Officer of the constituency. Further information will be given out after the enquiry is completed.”

Denying the allegations, MP Supriya Sule, contesting against Suresh Khopde, said, “I am not even aware about Ajit Pawar going to these villages and threatening villagers to vote for NCP. Suresh Khopde has been in the police system and therefore he knows the procedure more than me. If they have any evidence they should present it. We are ready to face it.”

Ajit Pawar said, “I am confident that this year, too, we will get a majority. There is no Modi wave in our constituency. It is just a hype created by the media."

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