Aarey headless body case: Deceased used to summon the dead

Sep 13, 2017, 08:55 IST | Samiullah Khan

The probe in the murder of Brendon Gonsalves, whose headless body was found in Aarey Colony last year, is getting murkier. Cops find he and his friends would summon the dead using an ouija board

Brendon Gonsalves
Brendon Gonsalves

The probe in the murder of Brendon Gonsalves, whose headless body was found in Aarey Colony on December 21 last year, is getting murkier. The police had found drawings depicting animal sacrifice made by Brendon, who was reportedly part of a cult and had allegedly become a victim of human sacrifice while conducting an experiment.

'Bob Marley' arrives
The cops have now learnt that Brendon and his friends would summon the dead through an ouija board. The group he was involved was called 'Psycho' and its symbol was PSY written in the middle of a star, which was outside every member's house. The symbol was found outside Brendon's house too. The gang members are on the police's radar.

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One of his friends told cops, "Once I asked Brendon where he came to know about [the ouija board] but he didn't say anything. I was there when he summoned the spirit of his dead uncle. Brendon was fond of listening to rock songs.

While we were playing one day, I asked him to summon Bob Marley's spirit. I was shocked to see the bowl move to the 'yes' point when he asked if the spirit was Bob Marley."

Behavioural changes
Officers have learnt there were major changes in Brendon four months before his death. A month before, he'd become irritable, did not share anything or listen to anyone, the friend said. Brendon had gone missing on December 18, 2016 and his body was found propped up in a seated position at a field in Unit 2 in Aarey. His head was found 30 metres away.

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The post-mortem report shows that Brendon suffered blunt trauma on the back of his head and died due to decapitation. Sources said this is a common sign of human sacrifice - performing the ritual is easier if the victim is first knocked unconscious.

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"So far, the Aarey police have seen all the CCTV footage, recorded statements of 500 people, including his friends and neighbours but haven't got any clue. They have a few suspects in mind. They were working on gathering the mobile phone location data of the suspects." The police are also trying to recover data from Brendon' iPhone, and since they haven't been able to do this at the forensic lab, they have asked Apple for help.

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