Aarey Milk Colony residents catch roaming cow with rope

Jan 10, 2015, 07:33 IST | Ranjeet Jadhav

Though BMC workers couldn’t do it, residents of Aarey Milk Colony got together to rein in the cow that had been attacking them; animal was caught near Unit 15 and tied to a tree with a long rope

Aarey Milk Colony residents united to conquer a foe that had been troubling them for a while a white cow. After the domestic animal, seemingly gone wild, attacked four people in the week, locals got together to buy a long rope to catch it yesterday.

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It took a team of five people to catch the cow and tie it to a tree. BMC workers later took it away to a civic cow shed
It took a team of five people to catch the cow and tie it to a tree. BMC workers later took it away to a civic cow shed

mid-day had reported yesterday on the cow’s striking fear in the hearts of residents near Durgapada and surrounding areas. Locals had told this paper that the quadruped had attacked people who went to answer nature’s call, as well as morning walkers and joggers since Monday.

Residents had begun to keep their children from going out of their house and there was a risk of schoolchildren being seriously injured. So serious was the matter that the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) authorities had been informed.

mid-day report on January 9
mid-day report on January 9

Civic workers from the local ward had tried catching the animal on Wednesday, but couldn’t dare approach the animal owing to its aggressive behaviour. Residents decided to take the matter into their own hands, and procured a long rope.

“We did not want any more people to get injured, and as BMC officials failed to catch it, we contributed money and bought a rope to catch the cow. We attempted to control it on Thursday, but it chased us and vanished into the bushes,” said one of the five capturers. The animal was spotted near Unit no 15 in the morning yesterday.

“One of the dairy farm owners told us it was roaming in the forested patch near Unit no 15. We immediately went there with a rope, tied a knot, and were successful in tying it to a tree,” added the man.

The BMC was informed, and workers later took away the animal to a civic cow shed. The cow, belonging to a deceased resident of Durgapada, has a broken horn and needs treatment in order to avoid infection.

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