Aashka-Brent, Rochelle-Keith, Divyanka-Vivek: Why couples who exercise together?

Updated: Jan 20, 2019, 16:29 IST | Aastha Atray Banan

Three celeb couples share why working out together has helped them connect, sans interruptions from the outside world

Aashka-Brent, Rochelle-Keith, Divyanka-Vivek: Why couples who exercise together?
Rochelle Rao and Keith Sequiera

Anyone who has ever started a fitness routine knows how much dedication it takes to stick with it. No wonder then, that people hire personal trainers to literally whip them into shape. But we spoke to three celebrity couples, who have decided that the best way to optimise their workout routine, is to exercise together. Be it Yoga, crossfit, or just taking a jog - sweating it out together not only helps them push each other, but also helps them become a better couple.

Aashka Goradia and Brent Goble do acrobatic yoga

'Our relationship is that of guru-shishya'
Aashka Goradia, 33, and Brent Goble, 32
WE have been working out together ever since Brent moved to India in the latter half of 2016," says actor Aashka Goradia, who met entrepreneur Goble in LA earlier that year, and they got married soon after. Back in India, they gained recognition after they took part in Nach Baliye 8. And hence, their fitness videos and pictures are a big hit with their social media following. "Ever since we danced on the show, the audience has adored how Brent has adopted the Indian way of life."

Aashka Goradia and Brent Goble do acrobatic yoga

A big part of Goble imbibing the Indian life is the fact that he now has a certification for completing 1,100 hours of yoga. "He had been doing yoga for a decade, and then decided to take it seriously. Now, he's studying it, exploring it deeply, and I am his first student!" laughs Goradia. "So when we are doing yoga, we have a guru-shishya relationship. I am taking in all the knowledge he has to give. Once we are out though, I am back to jumping on him."

Aashka Goradia and Brent Goble do acrobatic yoga
Aashka Goradia and Brent Goble do acrobatic yoga

The couple's workout schedule means that both wake up at 6.30 am and go to sleep no later than 11 pm, just so they can ensure their practice, sometimes twice a day (mornings and evenings). Their one-hour session, after which they are limber, is followed by 25 minutes of intense acrobatic yoga as well. "The biggest plus of working out together has been that you have someone to remind you to give your best, but the con could be that sometimes we distract each other," says Goble. But Goradia believes that you don't necessarily need to do the same workout, just as long as you work out together. "You can bring your individual practices to the space, but do them together. Isn't that what marriage also all about? Existing as individuals but being together? Also, it helps us know how to use constructive criticism (when we try and improve each other's form or practice), rather than just make a point for the sake of making it."

'For that moment... you focus on each other'
Rochelle Rao, 30, and Keith Sequeira, 42
Sequeira and Rao, who got together after their stint on Bigg Boss 9, could be one of the most loved Insta couples out there, with their likeable and relatable vibe. They have also gathered many a fan by hosting cricket shows on TV for a while now, and often share their fitness routines on their Instagram handles. But they first started working out in the monsoon of 2017, just before they were supposed to tie the knot.

"I had gotten real lazy, and needed some emotional support to go to the gym. But I didn't want to become bridezilla, and try and be all skinny. I just wanted us to make it a lifestyle. I wanted to work out with someone who would push me, but also be gentle about it, and Keith was the one I chose." says Rao. Depending on their mood, they either walk, run, or do weights and train in the gym. They first started by learning martial arts together in Bandra, as it was all about working with a partner.

"But we quit as she became too good at beating me up," jokes Sequeira, who says the slight glitch could be if the man gets too bossy while training with their spouse. "Women lose interest in working out very easily, so it has to be more fun and interactive." But for both, putting up videos of their work out routine was important since they wanted to put out the real reason why one needs to be fit. "So many younger people have followed us [on Instagram] ever since Bigg Boss, and we want to tell them it's not just about being skinny or looking good. It's also about motivating each other and just being healthy, you know. People need to be educated on the right kind of workouts too, and so we wanted t do that for our fans."

Sequeira adds that it's a great way to keep a couple going. "For starters, it makes you look at the person differently, and that keeps you attracted to them. It draws you to them again. It acts like a glue," he says, and Rao adds, "For that moment, you keep away your phones, and focus on each other. There are door bells, and no maids, to interrupt you. It's your time to really hang."

Divyanka Tripathi and Vivek Dahiya
Divyanka Tripathi and Vivek Dahiya

'You stand by each other'
Divyanka Tripathi, 34 and Vivek Dahiya, 34
The stars of Ye Hai Mohabbatein have been working out together ever since they got married in 2016. They especially love it when they are on vacations, specifically if holidaying in a cold country. "Then we love to go jogging outside," says Dahiya.

But back in Mumbai they do functional training. "After we did Nach Baliye 8, we realised dancing was as good as a fitness routine. And we have carried it on, in regards to our exercise routine now. It's like a discipline, and has just made our bond better. You understand each other's strengths and weaknesses, and you help the other with what they are lacking in." For Dahiya and Tripathi, being in the gym could be a metaphor for living life. "It's quite deep when you reflect on it.

You stand by each other and motivate and push each other." When they do share their fitness routine on Instagram, they always get positive feedback, mostly about how they are proving that a couple who works out together stays together. "It's a nice feeling when something so ordinary a part of your life, can be inspirational for someone else, and help them snap out of their [bad] mood."

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