Abandoned building in Dahisar collapses; 7 killed

Jun 23, 2013, 08:34 IST | Agencies

Five people were killed and six others injured when an abandoned four-storeyed building, which was occupied by some unauthorised dwellers, collapsed in Mumbai's Dahisar area today, officials said.

The incident occurred around 6.30 am today when the dilapidated Piyush Building suddenly came crashing down, catching the unauthorised dwellers unaware, said an official.

Rescue operations on at site of the building collapse in Dahisar

Fire Brigade and other rescuers extricated two bodies and five people were brought out alive from the rubble of the building .

The deceased include Faizan Shaikh (35, Male), Asif Shaikh (20, Male), Dharmendra Harijan (22, Male), Saabjit Yadav (40, Male) and Bhagpati Lamsaar (8, Female).

Of the injured, condition of at least three persons is reported to be serious.  The injured include Pramod Prajapati (40, Male), Rajeetram Maurya (40, Male), Santiago Gone (35, Male), Govindlal Gupta (35, Male), Rambharose Rajbhar (22, Male), Anil Kumar Maurya ( 21, Male)

Dahisar Shiv Sena legislator Vinod Ghosalkar said that the building had been evacuated two years ago after it was declared 'dangerous' by the civic authorities.

"It was due to be re-developed, but owing to a dispute between the owner and tenants, the matter is under litigation. In the meantime, local vegetable vendors were taking shelter there," Ghosalkar told the media.

Man Singh Lamsa had just stepped out to get water, when the building he was supposedly guarding for the past three years, came down in a heap — killing his wife and daughter who had come to visit him for a few days.

Watchman Man Singh Lamsa lost his family 

Lamsa also lost his brother-in-law when the four-storied Piyush building in Dahisar came down in a heap on Saturday morning, The death toll had risen to seven by late evening with seven others injured.

But what has come as a shock to many is the fact that neither MHADA nor the BMC or even the builder found time to either repair the building or demolish it. Piyush building was declared unsafe and all its occupants evacuated way back in 2010. The structure, which was built in 1982, has since stood like a haunted house, with only Lamsa spending the nights there as a watchman.

Rambharose Rajbhar, 22, is injured in the building collapse

According to BMC officials, they had issued a notice for the evacuation, following which the structure was vacated on February 16, 2010.

The notice was issued as cracks appeared on the building. For the past three years however, redevelopment plans had hit a roadblock as a consensus was not reached amongst the tenants and the builder. “There are around 55 buildings in the city which have been issued evacuation notices. Delay in acting on them may lead to such incidents,” said Sitaram Kunte, Municipal Commissioner Lamsa, the watchman, lived in the vacated structure. The adjacent building served as a wholesale vegetable market where people from around the vicinity shopped every morning. The crash caused injuries to several stall owners and a few locals who had come to buy vegetables.

Lamsa’s wife Nandkala, (35) had come to Mumbai 20 days ago with her eight-year-old daughter Pavitra, to put the child in a good school. The bodies of both his wife and daughter were removed from the debris at around 3 pm and send to Bhagwati Hospital. “My whole family is finished in this collapse,” he said.

Three men who worked at a sugarcane stall inside the building compound also died in the crash. A fourth employee at the stall, Rambharose Rajbhar, suffered serious injuries and is recovering in hospital. “ I had come to Mumbai during summer. We were to return to our village in Uttar Pradesh on June 24. We were just having a little chat when all of a sudden the whole structure fell on us,” said Rajbhar.

Others were luckier though. Govind Lal Gupta, who had come to buy vegetables in the market was trapped under the debris but was rescued soon after. “I tried to get out but a truck carrying vegetables blocked my way and I was trapped,” said Gupta.

Faizan Shaikh              (Male, 35)
Asif  Shaikh                 (Male, 20)
Dharmendra Harjan       (Male, 22)
Saabjeet Yadav            (Male, 40) 
Pavitra Lamsa              (Female, 8) 
Nandkala Lamse          (Female, 35)
Lal Bahadur Bhol          (Male, 25)

Jai Prakash Gupta          (Male, 44)
Govind Lal Gupta            (Male, 35)
Ranjeet Ram Maurya      (Male, 40)
Anil Kumar Maurya         (Male, 21)
Santosh Dhome              (Male,35)
Rajikaran Mane               (Male, 40)
Ram Bharose Rajbhar      (Male, 22)

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