Abhay Deol: What if I destroy it all?

May 29, 2013, 09:09 IST | Shakti Shetty

Abhay Deol speaks about his fear of taking a risk at this crucial juncture of his career

Insightful is what he describes his journey in Hindi cinema so far. He cracks jokes at himself once too often. Just goes to show how different Abhay Deol is from his other colleagues.

Abhay Deol

While his latest film Raanjhnaa will be hitting the marquee soon, Abhay is also excited about turning producer along with girlfriend Preeti Desai. The actor talks candidly about going to work with his ladylove, his patch-up with Sonam Kapoor and needing steroids for a six-pack. 

You’re moving into production. Did the decision come naturally?
I think the environment is such that you’re allowed to turn producer. If an actor and producing a film as well, it grabs more attention. What’s the point in churning out good movies that people might not watch? The marketing and distribution are areas that could do with a known face. Though, other actors might have their own reasons.

Is co-producing with someone you’re romantically involved a challenge?
See, you choose a script and get down to work. But when you’re working with someone who knows you in and out, you can’t pretend to be somebody else. That’s more of a challenge than an advantage but we’re managing well.

Do you see yourself donning the director’s hat anytime soon?
I don’t know but never say never! I have no plans as such at the moment. What if I become a director and destroy it all... everything that I’ve built over the past so many years? (Laughs) That fear of risk is always there but you never know.

Given your past feud with Sonam Kapoor, how did Raanjhnaa happen?
I let bygones be bygones and don’t like harbouring grudges against people. Sonam is similar too. Besides, it’s a really old news actually because we’ve moved on like a long time ago, in fact, even before Raanjhnaa was confirmed. During the shooting of the film too, there was no baggage on either end. We’ve moved on.

Why don’t you have six-pack abs like other actors?
I will, as soon as I get my dose of steroids and proteins (smiles). If a script demands that I need to have a six-pack, then I’ll definitely go for it -- as simple as that. It’s about the image one carries.

Speaking of image, do you feel a PR makes or breaks a star’s image?
You don’t need a PR machinery to become an actor but you do need it to become a star! Since we work in a money-driven set-up, we almost have to manipulate so as to create an impression of being stars and encourage other producers to invest in you. But PRs can’t help you with talent, can they? 

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