Abiding sibling love

Jun 05, 2015, 06:00 IST | Malavika Sangghvi

From that storehouse of messages that put a sparkle around one’s heart comes another one: Boman Irani’s picture of his mom saying goodbye to her 90-year-old brother from Pune, is as good a testimony to abiding sibling love as any you’d see

From that storehouse of messages that put a sparkle around one’s heart comes another one: Boman Irani’s picture of his mom saying goodbye to her 90-year-old brother from Pune, is as good a testimony to abiding sibling love as any you’d see.

“He can’t come up and she can’t stand for long,” said Irani. “I took this below our home. Mom is 87 and her brother is 90 and mom talks about herself and her very naughty brother all the time,” he explained. “Even today she is very protective of him. Both of them have all faculties in good order except the hearing.

Boman Irani’s mother and uncle. Pic/Boman Irani
Boman Irani’s mother and uncle. Pic/Boman Irani

So this intimate conversation, was actually very loving — but loud. She kept saying ‘Enjoy yourself!’ as he drove away,” said the thespian affectionately adding, “Mom’s Parsi bheja is sharper than all of us put together. She insists she can’t remember things. But she can recall the colour of her bobby pin at her Navjot!”  See what we mean about a sparkler around our heart?

The rising
OK, here’s a simple GK question. Who’s the industrialist whose interests include steel, hospitality, zippy wheels, tractors, glossy mags, TV, a think tank, an IT company, a theatre award, films, a hip annual music festival and a Kabbadi team? That was too easy. So here’s a tougher one: who’s the industrialist who has interests in all of the above and also in one of the world’s best restaurants?

Anand Mahindra Rohit Khattar
Anand Mahindra and (right) Rohit Khattar

Yep, it’s Anand Mahindra, because with Indian Accent’s appearance in the world’s best restaurants list this week the industrialist is said to have invested privately in the award winning eatery that has come up tops.

“Yes, of course, we know Delhi’s most difficult to book restaurant is Chef Manish Mehrotra and businessman and impressario Rohit Khattar’s labour of love but without Mahindra’s backing, it is arguable that it would have been such an irresistible ‘Rise’” said an insider. We say: how about bringing Indian Accent to Mumbai now?

From Peru with love
Our foodie friend called up to chat about the latest news from the culinary world. The conversation centered on the recently concluded San Pellegrino World’s 50 Best Restaurants awards held in London this week.

Chef Hemant Oberoi
Chef Hemant Oberoi 

“Yes Gaggan (Anand) got a lot of attention coming in at 10th place, and he’s being taken even more seriously now, but the trend this year seems to be South American food and specifically Peruvian cuisine,” said the foodie, adding “Both Central and Astrid Y Gaston from Peru got high ratings on the Pellegrino list.

And more and more Peruvian food restaurants are popping up in international cities that are being frequented by the trendy lot,” he said. Makes sense, Coya serving Peruvian in London’s Mayfair has begun to top Nobu, Zuma, Kai and Hakkasan as the top choice for the discerning traveling foodies from India, we’ve noticed.

And given its appeal for the Indian palate, The Taj group seems to have been an early mover, having opened Tesoro, a Peruvian themed restaurant in Dubai already, with murmurs for a quite a while about its former executive Chef Hemant Oberoi, learning the cuisine with the idea of opening a Peruvian fine dining restaurant at the Bombay Taj Colaba (to replace the Zodiac Grill). And on the Taj subject, we hear the new airport property in partnership with the GVK group, which is almost ready, will also have a Golden Dragon.

Our daily missal pav
And in this season of gourmet Indian restaurants and molecular gastronomy chefs winning acclaim in the international food arena, it comes almost as poetic justice that missal pav, the simple Maharashtrian breakfast dish, has come out tops at the global Foodie Hub Awards held in London yesterday.

Maharashtra’s tasty breakfast, missal pav. Pic for representation
Maharashtra’s tasty breakfast, missal pav. Pic for representation

‘Aaswad, located not too far from Shivaji Park at Dadar, has bagged the award for ‘The World’s Tastiest Vegetarian Dish’, said the food site IFN. ‘Missal is a spicy curry prepared with moth beans or matki and served with chopped onions, tomatoes, fresh coriander and lime along with some green and tamarind chutneys.

The highlight is the farsan, which adds crunch to the dish. And, the best way to enjoy a plate of missal is by wiping it off with Mumbai’s favourite bread that is pav’ writes the site. Incidentally, ‘Vegan Spinach Pie (Athens), Baby Beans with Quail Egg (Barcelona), Black Barley (Perth) and Palmito Assado na Casca, a dish prepared with palm (Rio de Janeiro)’ are among the other dishes from around the world that won.

Truce between titans
It is a moment that the matriarch of this top line industrial conglomerate must have dearly prayed for: when her billionaire son and her blue chip son-in-law set aside old hostilities to establish cordial relations. The occasion was a family ritual in the presence of the family’s abiding nonagenarian and respected patriarch.

“Perhaps out of respect for the elders, a truce evolved on this solemn occasion and has been followed up by family visits to each other’s homes,” said a source, adding, “This must come as a great relief to the women in the family who are always the ones who bear the brunt of such feuds when they have to choose between loved ones.”

And whereas the start of the trouble is said to be a business rivalry, the recent rapprochement’s ripple effect is being looked upon as one that will bring much required healing on an old sore that festered between two members of India’s leading business houses. “The business community is keeping its fingers crossed that this has a positive influence on other hostilities within the clan also,” said the source.

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