'Abir was a happy-go-lucky kid'

Jun 12, 2013, 08:37 IST | Kunal M Shah

Late actor's father Kiriti Goswami breaks his silence on what could have killed his son

A few days ago, the television industry was taken by surprise and shock when 37-year-old Abir Goswami met with his sudden death. It was reported that the young actor had lost his prolonged battle with cancer, which ultimately caused his death. However, Abir’s father Kiriti Goswami states that the actor never suffered from cancer and it was a heart attack that left him dead.


According to Kiriti, the family is yet to get over the shock of Abir’s death. The 72-year-old says, “Abir was a happy-go-lucky kid. He had been home that fateful day when he left to go to the gym. His career was looking good. He was doing a Bengali film as the lead actor and also Anurag Kashyap’s film.”

Kiriti Goswami at Abir's wedding with his family
Kiriti Goswami at Abir’s wedding with his family

While Abir’s father states that no one in the family suffers from heart ailments, he feels that his son’s excessive running on the treadmill could have caused the heart attack.

While in one of his interviews, Abir had allegedly mentioned that he suffered from lymphoma, Kiriti states that his son had been misquoted.

He says, “If he had such a serious problem, then he would have been under chemotherapy and would have been losing his hair. What he had was lipoma, and he wanted the lump on his hand to be removed. It might have looked a bit odd on an actor. He got the surgery done in Nagpur. I wish people would understand.” 

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