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Sep 14, 2012, 08:09 IST | Niranjan Medhekar

The Bio-Diversity Science Express promises to help you learn more about the bio-diversity and environment across the country

If you are interested in topics related to bio-diversity, environment and the country’s rich flora and fauna, there is a unique opportunity awaiting you at Khadki Railway station.

A special Bio-diversity Science Express has arrived at Khadki station on September 12 and will be there till September 15. This is the fifth phase of Science Express which started on June 5 with the special theme of Indian bio-diversity. The 16-coach AC train is filled with facts about India, from the Trans Himalayas to the Western Ghats and from the North East to the Gangetic plains.

An exhibit on the Science Express

On our trip we learned several facts such as India has 16 major forest types and the total forest cover across the country is 23 percent. Around seven percent world’s animal diversity is in India.

Since India boasts of an extreme range of temperatures and environment patterns, they affect the lifestyles of different regions and states. Interestingly, many animals are also found in specific areas. So if you want to see an Asiatic Lion you can head to Gir National Park or you can spot a Snow Leopard in the Trans Himalayan region.

The Science Express exhibitions instruct in innovative ways with the help of specially designed digital boards, LCDs and puzzles which give you the feeling of being on a national safari.

The exhibition starts off with the Trans Himalayan region and as the coach passes you get a tour of the Gangetic plain, the North-East, Western Ghats, desserts and the Deccan Peninsula. Each region has a variety of animals, forests and tribes.

In the Western Ghats section, a picture of the Purple Frog grabbed our attention as this was declared as the rarest species found in 2003.

Also the Nilgiri mountain range of the Western Ghats, gets its name from the special blue flowers named Neelakurinji which blooms on this mountain range once every 12 years.

Don’t miss this...
>> The last coach of the train is reserved for vital information on climate change. It offers tips on different ways and lifestyles to limit carbon emission, pollution and to conserve our rich bio-diversity.
>>  There is a special picture puzzle for children.
>>  There are charts with some hard facts like Asian Lions, Gharial and King Cobra are the most endangered species in India and unfortunately we have lost many rare species like Asiatic Cheetah and Javan Rhino permanently.
>>  The exhibit Your Weight Beyond Earth is an interesting equipment on which you can calculate your weight on different planets like the Earth, Moon, Venus, Neptune and even the Sun, at the same time. 

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