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Published: Dec 09, 2011, 06:31 IST | The Guide Team

Inspired by the stray Julie, the new calendar released by the WSD (Welfare of Stray Dogs) celebrates the street dog's relationships with humans as well as other animals

Inspired by the stray Julie, the new calendar released by the WSD (Welfare of Stray Dogs) celebrates the street dog's relationships with humans as well as other animals

The endearing photographs that adorn the pages of the new calendar that's been just released by WSD (Welfare of Stray Dogs), will appeal to not just animal lovers but others as well, who would might want to proudly display it on their mantle to usher in the New Year.

The calendar, which is based on the theme of 'Best Friends', celebrates the bond that dogs share with everyone else. "It's not just about the bond they have with humans, but also other street dogs, pedigree dogs, cats and even roosters," says Abodh Aras, CEO, WSD.

WSD, which has been actively working for the protection of stray dogs from 1985, has been releasing their calendar for four years. The themes for the previous years have ranged from street dogs in their natural environment to adopted dogs.

This year's theme has been inspired by a stray dog called Julie, who used to live in Oval Maidan. "Julie was friends with everyone including other street dogs, pedigree dogs and their owners as well.

Images from the calendar

There was a guy who was not very fond of dogs but he was a regular visitor of the Oval Maidan. He grew so fond of Julie that he started taking her home everyday," says Abodh. "It was that quality that made us choose Best Friends as the theme of this year's calendar," he adds.

Recollecting another such incident Abodh says, "There was a man who used to live in the foliage near Malabar Hill. He was a street dweller and his only companions were two dogs and a cat.

One of our volunteers rehabilitated him in a home in Lonavala. His dog and cat are on the cover of this year's calendar," explains Abodh.

The photographs have been taken by Rohan Mukerjee, a WSD volunteer and a professional photographer. A few of Abodh's photographs have also made it to the calendar. Ask him if photographing animals is difficult and he says, "It requires a lot of patience. It also needs a keen eye.
Once, when we were at Marine Drive there was a street dog sitting and suddenly there were firecrackers in the sky. He was sitting calmly unperturbed by it, with the firecrackers in the background. I knew it would make a lovely photograph," says Abodh.

The 2012 calendar is available at the WSD office in Kala Ghoda along with many other places in the city. The calendar is priced at Rs 150, which will go to the cause of sterilisation, immunisation and healthcare programmes. The calendar can also be couriered to other cities.

How to order Email wsdindia@gmail.com or call 64222838 for a list of outlets

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