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Sep 05, 2014, 07:05 IST | The Guide Team

Catch Vadodara-based sculptor Dhruva Mistry’s first solo show in the city in six years, titled Something Else. It explores the concept of Maya and nav-rasas (nine universal emotions) through steel cut-outs

After six years, Dhruva Mistry will mark his first solo show in Mumbai with Something Else, a show that was conceived in 2008 when he was recovering from a paralytic stroke. The resultant works are a tableau of stainless steel reliefs, which seek to reinterpret nine universal emotions. There are steel cutouts revealing silhouettes of female torsos in various postures and in different hues, evoking the nav rasas. The exhibition also delves on the concept of Maya or illusion.

Exhibits from Something Else by Dhruva Mistry
Exhibits from Something Else by Dhruva Mistry

Speaking about the exhibition, Mistry says, “Art, as an activity, implies something else in the life of an artist since the work has its own life, different from mundane life and activity. The sensual experience of being alive is comprised of mind, matter and their interrelationship. In a strife-ridden world, the idea of Maya, rasas and transitory emotions and feelings of being alive enlivens my life.”

He adds that the forms of Something Else remain an engaging entity because it is everything and nothing: “In the absence of it being ‘anything’ as such, that makes me see it as ‘something else’. My pleasure of working with the forms and relatively durable materials as a sculptor gives me unique visual delight.”

Till: September 27, 11 am to 6 pm
At: Sakshi Gallery, Synergy Art Foundation, 6/19, Grants Building, Arthur Bunder Road, Colaba.
Call: 66103424

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