Abracadabra! Sorcar magic takes centrestage

Jun 12, 2012, 09:33 IST | Surekha S

PC Sorcar, arguably one of the world's greatest magicians alive, returns to the city after eight years, with a new show that is sure to blow your mind away. Watch him perform live as he bonds with his daughter Maneka to recreate the magic on stage

After giving a 10-day performance in Chembur that ended just yesterday, PC Sorcar is all geared to give a performance starting today at Vashi that will last for a week. We ask him if he doesn’t get tired of performing everyday non-stop, “Magic is like breathing. Does anyone get tired of breathing or eating or sleeping every day?” he asks. His passion for magic and his trademark wit is evident from his quick replies. It’s easy to gauge why he is such a rage on stage.

Maneka Sorcar Pic/ Suresh KK

“In Tokyo, I was supposed to perform for 10 days; instead the performance went on for three years. While in Spain, a performance that was supposed to end in three days carried on for 11 months,” says Sorcar quickly adding, “Unfortunately we have only 10 days here. Ideally, I would have liked to perform for a month.”

The performance, which starts today in the city, has been organised by the New Bombay Bengali Association. We asked him about the most unique feature of this performance, “The whole act is unique. My daughter and I will be performing together and Mumbaikars will, for the first time, get an opportunity to see the next-generation Sorcar.” They have performed in Rome and other places together but this will be a first for magic-crazy Mumbaikars.

The show combines the essence of Sorcar’s show Indrajal and his daughter Maneka’s solo show Maya Vigyan. So, what according to Sorcar is the best magic act he has seen? “My wife is a better magician than I am. All the money I make, she makes it disappear,” says the 65-year-old magician as he breaks into a hearty laugh.

Maneka on the other hand seems a tad more serious as she talks to us on what inspired her to become a magician. She started assisting her father since the age of six. “I have always wanted to be like my father and I felt great that he is an entertainer, and that he lights up so many faces with a smile,” says the 30-year-old magician, who has carved a name of her own in the world of magic.

But she admits that her style is different from her father’s. “There is a difference in the way men and women perform on stage. We have distinct styles. But a few people have said that certain gestures are very similar to my father. I am his daughter and it runs in the genes,” she tells us. According to her, most of the tricks that will be part of the show are new. “The special part of the show is that Mumbai will get to see a woman illusionist, which is so rare,” she says adding, “I am not a trickster. I am an entertainer.” So, do not miss this entertaining show that is on for an entire week right here in the city.

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