Accident claims lives of two in Mumbai

Jul 06, 2013, 16:33 IST | Iram Siddique

An accident, involving a BEST bus and an Activa bike, claimed the lives of the biker and the pillion rider here in the early hours of July 5.

The exact cause of accident remains unclear as some claim it was the fault of the BEST driver, whereas the BEST officials have a different perspective on it.

The BEST officials claimed that if there had been a collision the bike should have at least a dent. The Activa, which at present is in police custody, bears no sign of an accident apart from a small scratch near the headlight, says the officials.

"Some of our officials also inspected the bike involved in the accident and found that there was no signs of any impact on the vehicle," said officials from BEST.

The Activa bike involved in the accident. Pic/Iram Siddique

The BEST bus route 310, which generally plies from Bandra Terminus to Kurla via Bandra-Kurla complex, was going towards Dharavi.

BEST officials claimed that the bus was on its way when the driver saw this accident and halted as there was chaos on the road. Around that time someone took the bus number and informed the police alleging its involvement.

Police officials stated that they received a call on 100 number and reached the spot, after which they took the injured to Bhabha hospital. One of the victims died on the spot whereas the other died on his way to the hospital.

The victims, Ishwar Vishane (17) and Ramji Bhoravarchand (21), were apparently learning the vehicle and did not posses any driving license.

The cause of death still remains unclear as the police await the autopsy reports. One of the victim Ishwar Viahane was a resident of Kutch in Gujrat and had come to his uncle’s place in Dharavi.

Officials speak
"It seems that the bus wasn’t responsible for the accident as the bus driver is denying his involvement," said V Bagul, BEST spokesperson. 

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