Accident victim's kin say group operating car park knew of snag

May 24, 2012, 08:04 IST | Priyankka Deshpande

Claim Londhe complained to Ratna Group about malfunctioning lift earlier

If injured parking attendant Vijay Londhe’s relatives are to be believed, he had complained about a technical snag in a car-carrying lift a few days ago.

According to Londhe’s relatives, no action was taken on the problem, ultimately resulting in an accident on Tuesday afternoon.

Londhe sustained a right femur bone fracture and injury to his right eyebrow as his leg got stuck in the lift and the lift frame.

Avoidable accident: Lift attendant Vijay Londhe, who was injured in an accident at a multilevel parking unit. Londhe was shifted from Dindayal Hospital to Hardikar Hospital yesterday. PIC/KRUNAL GOSAVI 

According to Sai Gaikwad, his cousin Londhe had complained to the management of Ram Ratna group, the firm responsible for maintaining the multi-level mechanised car parking lot, that the car-carrying lift had developed a problem.

Gaikwad claims the management had turned a deaf ear to Londhe’s complaints.

Early warning
Londhe, who was earlier admitted to Deendayal Hospital, has been shifted to Hardikar Hospital for surgery on his right leg.

“Vijay told me that a week back he had told the management that there was malfunctioning in the car-carrying lift but the management didn’t take any action on it and the lift was continued to run despite a problem till Tuesday,” Gaikwad said.

The injured Londhe also informed Gaikwad that after he fainted and fell down, he saw that the lift was going up even when he tried to stop it.

Gaikwad added that if the management had not ignored the matter, his brother would not have met with the accident.

Londhe, a resident of Pandav Nagar, is the sole breadwinner in the family and was working as an attendant at the parking lot since two years. Gaikwad said he worked 12 hours a day, for which he used to get Rs 6,000.

“Vijay’s wife is pregnant and recently went to her parents house. She is shocked after hearing the news. Although the Ram Ratna group has promised to bear the medical expenses, his family is now worried about managing the daily expenses as he is won’t be able to work for the next few months,” Gaikwad said.

He added that Londhe would have to take bed rest for a minimum of two months and the Ram Ratna Group where Londhe was working had not promised to take up any kind of financial responsibility for his family during his absence from work.
Report awaited
PMC additional city engineer Srinivas Bonala said he would comment on the issue only after he getting the inquiry report of the police and information from his staff.

Senior Police Inspector Manohar Joshi of the Deccan police station said that the PMC had given a contract to Ram Ratna Group to run the mechanised parking lot.

Joshi said that the Deccan police station officials had written a letter to the Public Works Department (PWD) asking for an inspection to be conducted on the parking lot to detect any suspected technical snags. 

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