Accused threw drugs onto victim's roof, told cops he had found them

Jun 10, 2013, 06:49 IST | Saurabh Vaktania

The man was part of landlord and prime accused J C D'souza's entourage that accompanied the Bandra police to raid the victim's home for drugs; he slipped out, placed the packets, and then led the police to them

Shocking revelations have been made in the Vakola tenants case, in which a tenant was detained on false charges last week and his neighbour abducted as part of their landlord’s scheme to evict them from his property. Yesterday, cops arrested two more accused in the case.

The Vakola police have recovered the car in which the other victim Sufiyan Shah was kidnapped. This car belongs to prime accused J C D’souza’s sister, who is a resident of Goregaon. D’souza had borrowed the car from her, as she was in Australia

They have also recovered the car in which one of the victims was kidnapped. It has been revealed that the arrested accused accompanied the Bandra policemen when they went to Vakola to raid tenant Rajesh Gupta’s room, acting at the behest of the landlord J C D’souza, who is now the prime accused in the case. One of D’souza’s accomplices allegedly threw the drugs up on the roof of Gupta’s room, after failing to plant it inside the room. He then alerted cops that he had found the drugs. 

The cops thrashed Gupta and took him away. Goons then barged into the other tenant Sufiyan Shah’s home and abducted him. His rooms vacated, D’souza waited only till the next morning to bring a fresh set of potential tenants to see the premises. However, the clients learnt that the plots had become the scene of criminal investigations, and refused to take talks further. The police have already arrested D’Souza and five accused in the case. Yesterday, two more arrests were made the driver Iqbal Sheikh (20) and another man, identified as Abid Sayyed (24). The landlord, along with all the other accused, will be produced at the Bandra court today.

Planted evidence
A source from Vakola police station said, “On Tuesday, D’souza and his accomplices had accompanied the Bandra policemen to Gupta’s residence for the raid. The accused did not get time to place the drugs inside Rajesh’s house. They had thought they would plant the drugs in the room when they entered it with policemen. But they didn’t manage to do so. So when the cops were inside the room, one of the accused slipped out and threw the drugs up, which landed on the roof.”

The same accused then re-entered the room and announced to the cops he had found the drugs. Following this, the cops dragged Rajesh to the police station. The Vakola police have also recovered the car in which the other tenant Shah was kidnapped. This car belongs to D’souza’s sister, who is a resident of Goregaon (West). D’souza had borrowed the car from her, as she was in Australia. All of D’souza’s machinations seem to have been in vain, as his new clients refused to occupy rooms that were part of criminal investigations.

The case
On Tuesday night, Vakola-based tenant Rajesh Gupta (20) was picked up by the Bandra cops on suspicion of drug possession. The cops thrashed him, and dragged him to the station. Around 30 men arrived in a tempo. Claiming to be cops, they broke into the flat and left with his valuables. They also forced entry into Gupta’s neighbour Sufiyan Shah’s house. The goons abducted Sufiyan and took all his valuables with them. The Bandra cops, who conducted the raid outside their jurisdiction, allegedly did so without informing the local Vakola police, which goes against police protocol.

Though the Bandra police claimed that they had found drugs in Gupta’s possession, they shied away from filing charges against him. This has also raised questions. Two departmental investigations are on in the case. Four cops from Bandra police station API Mukund Yadav, ASI Kakad and two constables have already been transferred to the control room.  

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