Ace that base: Shape up your booty with these exercises

Oct 07, 2014, 08:33 IST | Dhara Vora

You don't need Pop stars like Jennifer Lopez or Nicki Minaj to make you work on your butt. Now's the time to shake things up in your workout routine, and sweat it out, just like we did!

Booty seems to be the latest marketing technique to sell music, with Jennifer Lopez and Iggy Azalea grinding in their song titled (well) Booty, Nicki Minaj's infamous Anaconda video, and Miley Cyrus who twerks at the hint of a beat.

Jennifer Lopez

Though these songs aren't high on our playlist, we sure feel that sitting in the office all day isn't going to do any good to one's lower body. So, with advice from rapper, Sir Mix-A-Lot, we decided to shake into a healthy butt.

The Hard Core and Booty Programme is designed to tighten your core and booty muscles.
The Hard Core and Booty Programme is designed to tighten your core and booty muscles. Pics/Satyajit Desai

And, for expert help we have certified TRX trainer, Swati Shah's Hard Core and Booty programme, a workout she tells us for "core and booty transformation".

The session makes most of a variety of butt lifts and plank positions to work on your core muscles
The session makes most of a variety of butt lifts and plank positions to work on your core muscles

This 45-minute workout can be done by non-gymmers and is done without weights plus, with music. We are sold already.

The workout begins with a warm up session. The workout session includes reps of simple muscle training exercises such as squats, planks and push-ups.

"It is important to work on your abs and lower body. To make them tighter, the sessions will include variations of these exercises that get tougher with each session.

We come down to business with different variations of planks and butt lifts, which we are sure if done sincerely every day, can help you whip yourself up in shape. The good bit: it wasn't too difficult for us to follow or do these exercises, even till the count of 15. And the music made it fun.

Shah tells us that once we get a hang of the routine, it can be practised at home too.

The workout ends with a round of twerking. Hail Miley!

At: Tangerine Arts Studio, off Pali Hill, Bandra (W).
Cost: Rs 5,000 for 10 sessions
Call: 9820570266

Yoga wonders
Yoga can do a good job in helping you put your butt issues behind. One of it is Ardha Chandrasana or the half moon pose.

Yoga wonders

This helps target your hips and thighs, while improving your posture too. Utkatasana or the chair pose is another core strengthening exercise exercise to help work on your lower body. Another set of simple asanas are different variations of Virbhadrasana or the warrior pose. The different positions helping develop different muscles of your lower body.

Food for thought
One needs to have strong legs to help work towards a shapely butt. To get your legs up and running, get your protein intake from egg whites with grain rich breads that will provide you a mix of proteins and carbohydrates.



All kinds of berries are rich in a variety of minerals and vitamins with their bright colours that will help you build your immune system.




You can either have your berries straight or mix them with yoghurt to boost your calcium intake for strong bones. Banana is another power fruit that will give you a boost of energy.

How Jennifer Lopez does it?

Singer/actor, Jennifer Lopez is known to be strict about her workout and fitness routine, which shows on the body of the 45-year-old. Her fitness schedule concentrates on core muscles for 30 minutes of her daily one-hour workout. Cardio is the focus of the rest of her workout. Fitness instructor to stars such as Gwyneth Paltrow too, Lopez’s instructor, Tracy Anderson, is said to tweak JLo’s workout after 10 workouts to keep it interesting, especially to prepare her for the video of her song, Booty.

Jennifer Lopez

Iggy Azalea's secret
It’s difficult to believe that some one like rapper Iggy Azalea loves her share of junk food. And this isn’t a rumour, as she has been photographed chowing down grubby food at award functions.

Iggy Azalea

But Azalea takes her workouts seriously and banks on variations of squats, sit-ups and lunges to maintain that bottom, especially before she goes to bed at night. pics/afp

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