Acid-attack survivor begins new life on Valentine's Day

Feb 15, 2018, 21:19 IST | ANI

Holding the spirit of the Valentine's Day, a 25-year-old acid-attack survivor got engaged to her longtime friend

Holding the spirit of the Valentine's Day, a 25-year-old acid-attack survivor got engaged to her longtime friend.

Pramodini, who likes to be addressed as Rani, got engaged to her fiancé, Saroj Sahu, on Wednesday in Lucknow.

The duo's love story is nothing short of a movie sequence. The couple met when Rani was undergoing treatment after surviving an acid-attack. They met and soon Sahu decided to support and help her to heal her emotional and physical scars.

All was not roses in the love-story, the couple faced opposition from Sahu's friends and family but later, their love triumphed and won over the hearts of others as well.

Back in 2009, Rani was attacked by a spurned lover in Jagatpur, Odisha, which resulted in her suffering 80 percent burns and partial loss of her eyesight.

Later on, she came in contact with 'Stop Acid Attack' campaign and decided to go on in her life, as normally as possible.

The couple got engaged at 'Sheroes Hangout Café', which is run by the campaign and provides employment and support acid-attack survivors.

The act-of-love has left many people mesmerised. Many of the supporters have taken to Twitter to show their encouragement.

A user wrote, 'Touched the heart! Congratulations and best wishes to both of you......'.

Another user wrote, 'No words to express this..'.

Another user tweeted, 'many congratulations..wish both of them a happy and successful married life..only thing that matters in marriage is true love and understanding ..nothing else...'.

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