Acting In English is hard, says Penelope Cruz

Aug 15, 2012, 07:36 IST | ANI

Spanish beauty Penelope Cruz has revealed that she finds it difficult to work in English movies.

The 38-year-old spoke little English when she began her film career and confessed that sometimes it is hard to work outside her native language because she has to constantly think about the dialogues and the thought process it involves.

Penelope Cruz
Penelope Cruz

“There is a part of your brain that has to stop when you''re acting. You have to be in the moment and dare to fly. Words can''t be on your mind,” Contactmusic quoted her as telling W magazine.

“And yet, when you are working in a foreign language, you have to be thinking about the words every single second. It''s difficult, but I''m not complaining. It''s just the way it is,” she added. 

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