Action director Tinnu Verma allegedly attacked stepbrother with a sword over property dispute

Aug 24, 2013, 03:27 IST | Asira Tarannum

A family feud has taken an ugly turn in Verma household, after action director Tinnu Verma apparently attacked and maimed his brother Manohar yesterday morning

A grievously injured Manohar, who has directed the action sequences for John Abraham’s new release Madras Café, says it was an ongoing property dispute that led to his stepbrother to lose his temper and attack him at their Malad farmhouse.

Manohar Verma
An injured Manohar Verma

Manohar had returned home late from a special screening of the film on Thursday night but was woken up from sleep yesterday morning at the sound of construction work being carried out in the vicinity. The family says Manohar discovered some of Tinnu’s men inside the premises of their home. Just the evening before, the two had an altercation over the construction of a bathroom on the premises.

Tinnu Verma
Tinnu Verma

A family member says, “When Manohar intervened, Tinnu attacked him with a sword. His head injury needed 22 stitches and after he fainted on the spot, Tinnu attacked him with a sword and fled from the spot.” The heavily bleeding Manohar was first rushed to a hospital in Malad, post which he was shifted to a suburban hospital. A case under IPC section 307 has been registered against Tinnu, who is absconding.

Manohar, who is now recuperating in the hospital, alleges, “Tinnu attacked me with a sword after I stopped his boys. By the time I regained consciousness, both my legs were severely damaged.” Doctors treating him at the medical facility say surgery will be carried out to save his legs that will render him out of action for nearly four to six months.

According to the Verma family, Tinnu had apparently also barged into his elder brother Mahendra Verma’s house last month and abused his wife. Tinnu, who was once dating Mamta Kulkarni, is known for his fiery temper. 

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