Actor has to just turn up and act: Kunal Kapoor

Published: Dec 25, 2012, 11:45 IST | Sonali Joshi Pitale |

The actor likes to be called focussed rather than choosy and prefers to leave the money-talk to producers

Kunal Kapoor is busy doing theatre in Delhi these days. Post 'Luv Shuv Tey Chicken Khuarana', Kunal may not have signed a new project but the actor says he has been flooded with several endorsement deals. He talks about his future plans, films and F1...

Kunal Kapoor

Are you upset that your recent film did not get a great response?
I completely believed in the script. I am happy that my character received positive feedback from the audience as well as from the industry. Many directors told me that it was one of the most charming Hindi films they had seen. Also post release I have been offered many endorsement deals. I think if you don’t risk anything then you end up risking even more.

Are you too choosy about signing projects?
Everybody looks at what the other person is doing but I don’t follow that norm. For me it is important to be focussed and wait. I don’t like the word choosy. It is just that I may end up doing one film in six years but it has to excite me. My father says that money is for producers and the mind is for directors and the actor has to just turn up and act. Ironically, I never believed in anything of it.

We heard you want to participate in the F1 races!
It is my hobby for speed that attracted me to this sport. I am taking training to be able to take part in the rallies next years. People think it is an easy task but it’s not. I have to learn about the variety of racing tracks, cars and all the other technical aspects.

You were even caught by the cops in Europe?
We went diving at a restricted area and the police came over and warned us. We apologised to them and they let us go. The incident was blown out of proportion. I am a certified diver but it is just that we went to a wrong location.

You are also ideating scripts?
I love ideating concepts though I think writing a script is a big task. I keep sharing my ideas with directors and friends. Fortunately some of them have liked them and have expressed their desire to work on them. It is too early to talk about it right now because the actual work is yet to start.

Are your future projects Doga and Chamkila working out?
These movies need a lot of hard work. It will take some time for the makers to start the projects. They are doing research, working on the scripts and meeting people at the time being so it’s too early to say much about them.

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