Actors should enjoy stardom with caution

Jul 09, 2013, 07:34 IST | MiD DAY Correspondent

Recently, newspapers carried reports about actor Hrithik Roshan undergoing surgery for clots in his brain

Recently, newspapers carried reports about actor Hrithik Roshan undergoing surgery for clots in his brain.

Detailed accounts stated that the actor sustained head injuries after performing stunts for his forthcoming movies — action sequences where he sustained blows to the head with dangerous dives into water that may have resulted in problems.

And there was the fatigue factor as the actor has a hectic schedule.

Hrithik’s case need not be looked in isolation. We have read many reports about Bollywood stuntmen who grievously injured themselves and sometimes even lost their lives. Thankfully, this kind of thing is relatively unheard of now.

One does, though, read of stars suffering falls from horsebacks, escaping car crashes, and other injuries while shooting. Perhaps the most common amongst all the problems is the exhaustion and over-exertion that stars face because of their tedious schedules.

Yesterday, this paper carried a report about Hrithik’s head injury wherein a doctor has been quoted saying that he had advised Hrithik to rest. Several stars are not taking enough time off for that all-important R & R — rest and recuperation to help repair both mind and body.

Though the entertainment industry is extremely competitive and demanding, actors have to understand that their health comes before other considerations like offers or money.

The huge money in the industry has led actors to throw caution to the wind and try to milk every moment of their stardom, right from becoming brand ambassadors to attending events and with so much packed into their life, it is not surprising that at times, the body packs up.

Now, Hrithik must ensure that he gets enough rest before he starts shooting again.

So, must other stars who suffer health setbacks, if they want to prolong their time in the industry and more importantly, live a quality life beyond Bollywood.

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