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Apr 09, 2014, 10:28 IST | Kavita Shyam

Are you bored of your usual exercise regime and yearning for an enviable figure? It's time to think different. Shun the monotonous routines at gym and take part in one of these fun workouts to stay happy while you burn those extra calories

Hula Hoop
An ideal cardio for those who wish to have fun while working out. To do this workout, you will need a hoop. Place it firmly on your back, wind it upwards and spin it around your body to make circles. "It is a very good core strengthening workout. It helps tone your abs, and is very effective for losing weight," says Shalini Pidiha, fitness expert. Half an hour session of Hula Hoop can help you lose up to 200 calories. It also improves co-ordination, spinal flexibility and helps release the happy hormone, endorphin.
At Contours Gym, 202, Saphire chamber, Baner.
Call 27290191; Gold's Gym, near City Pride, Kothrud.
Call 66822863


Masala Bhangra workout
Mix up the high-energy moves of Bhangra with Punjabi songs, says Pal. "Masala Bhangra is a high intensity cardio workout targetting your lower body. One can burn up to 500-1,000 calories every session," she adds.
At Talwalkars Gym, FC Road, Deccan.
Call 30275555; Divine Wellness Studio, Baner.
Call 9860625249


Aqua Zumba
This is an intense workout with rhythmic co-ordinated hand and foot movements done under chest-deep water. Aqua Zumba is popularly referred to as the fitness pool party, as it fuses Zumba and the principles of water aerobics to create one hour of calorie burning madness in the pool. "You get a complete body workout in half the time with Aqua Zumba as one is working both against gravity and the buoyancy of water. It works on your aerobic endurance, muscular strength, flexibility and joint mobility, all at the same time," says Zumba master trainer Sucheta Pal.
At Solaris Club, Baner and Wanowari.
Call 9561089841


Pilates is also a core workout, but instead of doing it in its plain simple form, one should mix it up with dance and add a huge dose of boxing to it. "I recommend pilates because it helps build strength. You can also add dancing and a bit of boxing to release the stress of the hectic schedule," says Pal.
At Total Yoga, Koregaon Park.
Call 9890104123

Hot Yoga
"A combination of traditional and power yoga, the body gets warm with the workout and increases your stretching capacity resulting in full fitness," says Pidiha. This form has 26 postures, where the room temperature is raised to 50 degrees. One can perform all the poses in about one and a half hours.
At Onyx, next to Westin Hotel, Koregaon Park.
Call 32420933

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Wall Climbing
Helps you get taut muscles, strengthens your bones, toughens the lower body and protects you from any kind of knee problems. It also firms the backbone and back muscles, and helps build endurance and concentration.

A combination of yoga, toning, stretch, balance, strength and surya namaskar, this workout is designed to sculpt your muscles, get a thorough cardio and a sense of calmness. Still wondering? Think of a body like Jennifer Aniston and Victoria Beckham.

This fitness programme combines aerobics and cheerleading for overall weight loss.

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