Adnan Sami loses weight for his acting debut

Jul 29, 2012, 08:02 IST | Subhash K Jha

The musician gears up to act and produce film inspired by his own life

From 230 kg, he came down to 85 kg, and now, Adnan Sami has lost another 10 kg. Not only that, he is also growing his hair to shoulder length. All this to essay the role of a rockstar, inspired by his life. Adnan is all set to play a musician who battles the bulge, bickering biwi, slithering superstardom — everything from obesity to anonymity — to finally emerge triumphant. For the past two years, the plans to shoot the film, where Adnan will play a pianist were on the shelf.

Adnan Sami. file photo

Says Adnan, who will produce the film, “I had promised myself I’d get into the next level of my career only after my divorce came through. Sometimes blessings are disguised in misery. The ordeal and the trial that I’ve gone through in the last two years made me lose the 10 extra kilos that I needed to lose for my new avatar.”

In the film, Adnan will play an overweight musician coping with personal and professional crises and emerging triumphant. Interestingly Adnan will use prosthetics to look overweight in the earlier parts of the film. Says the musician, “It’s going to be an incredible journey back to my nightmarish encounter with near-death. But I am looking forward to it.”

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