Adrenaline rush at Kundalika

Jul 03, 2014, 09:37 IST | Swapnal Tilekar

Welcome the monsoon with a session of white water rafting, next weekend

If you are keen on an exploratory weekend on a rainy day, The Western Routes has organised a white water rafting activity in Kundalika river. Located in the scenic location of Sahyadri ranges, Kundalika river is a very popular location for white water rafting.


Shruti Karkhedkar of the Western Routes says that the camp will last a day, and is open to all above the age of 12 and who have no health complications. “Kundalika river is a beautiful place for white water rafting. There is a different thrill in the adventure sport during the monsoon here, especially since you are amidst huge mountains, and whistles and chirps of birds,” she adds. But why monsoon? Karkhedkar tells, “People love it during all seasons but we organise river rafting camps only during monsoon because the force of water is higher during this season. Water stream is a very important factor in any water sport.”

The one day camp will take place in Bhir, and Mulshi dam and is aimed at both seasoned as well as amateur rafters. “We have the facility to train the first-timers with our skilled staff. Even if they do not know swimming; they should not be worried about anything. We have not come across any accidents so far, thankfully. Besides, we are going to let a batch of 20-30 people in only after proper guidance for a couple of hours and with a safety kit,” concludes Karkhedkar. The session will cover a rafting distance of 11 km, and is expected to last for approximately two hours depending on the flow of water.

On: July 12 and July 13, 5 am to 7 pm
Call: 9011040773
Cost: Rs 2,300 per person

 T-Shirts and shorts/track-pants for rafting are recommended. Avoid wearing salwar-kameez or sarees.
>> Sport shoes or floaters as footwear. Avoid loose footwear like chappals, flip-flops and sandals, etc.
>> A set of dry clothes and a towel.
>> Spectacles should be supported by a strap.
>> Personal medicines.
>> Do not carry jewellery, cash, wrist-watch and camera while rafting.

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