Advani has conceded defeat, says Shukla

Aug 06, 2012, 06:52 IST | Agencies

Responding to BJP veteran LK Advani's blog post stating that a non-Cong, non-BJP Prime Minister was feasible after the next elections, Congress leader Rajeev Shukla said it was nothing but an admission of defeat


Commenting on Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader LK Advani’s blog wherein he remarked that a “non-Congress, non-BJP Prime Minister heading a government was feasible”, Congress Leader Rajeev Shukla on Sunday said that the former himself was predicting his own party’s defeat in the 2014 general election.

“Advani himself has conceded defeat in the 2014 election, by saying in his blog that there could not be a BJP prime minister. That means he has conceded defeat. He is like a reluctant general who is going for the war. If anybody is reluctant, then how can he win the war? I think, he himself has conceded defeat in 2014 election,” Shukla said.

“As far as the Congress is concerned, I can still recollect that in 2004 also, Advani and late Pramod Mahajan had given statements of the same nature that the Congress would get less than 100 seats, but the people voted Congress into power. I hope his prediction of the past will repeat itself,” Shukla added.

Given up? Rajeev Shukla called Advani a reluctant general who did not wish to win the war, following the veteran leader’s blog post

In his blog on Sunday, Advani said that a “non-Congress, non-BJP Prime Minister heading a government supported by one of the two principal parties is feasible”. “This has happened in the past also. But, as the Prime Ministership of Charan Singh, Chandrashekharji, Deve Gowda ji and Inder Kumar Gujral ji, as also of Vishwanath Pratap Singh ji have shown, such governments have never lasted long,” Advani said.

He further wrote in his blog: “Soothsayers are not wanting who predict that it may be the first time when the Congress party’s score sinks to just two digits, that is, less than one hundred!”

“The party’s miserable performance in the in the recent UP Assembly polls in Rae Bareilly, Amethi etc, which have long been regarded as pocket-boroughs of the first family, and its dismal record in the corporation elections of Uttar Pradesh, whereas against the BJP’s score of ten out of twelve corporations, the Congress drew a big blank, are clear indices of the party’s collapsing fortunes,” he added.

He went on to add that the BJP continued to be a beneficiary of the “fast eroding reputation” of the Congress. 

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