Aerosmith is not coming to India

May 07, 2012, 09:08 IST | Phorum Dalal

The group clears the air on rumours that the band will be performing at the Lost Festival in Pune this November

Last week, newspaper dailies carried reports that Aerosmith would be performing in India at the Lost festival, organised by Percept and Arjun Rampal.

However, when contacted, the Aerosmith camp denied having any plans to come down to India. “They will not be performing at the Lost festival. They will be touring the US in November this year. We were surprised when an Indian promoter called us with this news. We have not got in touch with anybody from Percept. I don’t know who these people are,” said Rod MacSween, Aerosmith’s agent.

According to Farhad Wadia of E18, a division of Network18 Media, this report is completely false and seems like a publicity stunt.

“If Aerosmith was coming down to India, the management would have invited offers from at least three or four promoters like us. As this did not happen, I emailed the manager and agent. They confirmed to me that the news was untrue and the band was performing in the US in November,” he said.

However, when we got in touch with Percept, they claimed that the band is to be a part of the festival. “The news that Aerosmith is performing in the Lost festival was leaked out. They are coming down for the show, but we are still negotiating the deal,” an executive confirmed. 

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