After 3 suicide attempts, man learns he was wrongly declared HIV positive

Published: Dec 29, 2012, 07:15 IST | Naveen Nair |

Pramod Jadhav (34) spent over six months in depression owing to an erroneous report provided by a private hospital in Chembur Colony that claimed he was HIV positive.

Pramod Jadhav

In this period, Pramod attempted suicide thrice, following which he received counselling. The victim, who is the sole earning member of his family, hasn’t stepped out of his home in a long time.

Testing time: Pramod Jadhav (above) displays two conflicting medical reports, including the one from Inlaks hospital in Chembur deeming him HIV positive

It all began with his visit to Inlaks General Hospital in May, where he sought treatment for a cyst that was developing on his back. He trusted the doctors who he says had saved his life in 2011, when he was admitted there in a critical condition with pneumonia, typhoid and malaria.

HIV shocker
However, the Jadhavs got the shock of their lives when physicians at the hospital informed Hema (Pramod’s wife) that her husband was HIV positive according to blood reports.

They also asked her to get Pramod discharged immediately from the facility. Though unable to absorb the news, Hema requested the doctors to not inform her husband about his condition.

However, not heeding this plea, one of the physicians met Pramod and allegedly declared that he was HIV positive in the presence of other patients and their relatives.

“I was admitted for surgery, which was to be conducted at 3 pm on May 29. They took a sample of my blood and carried out a few other tests that morning. But I was shocked when they informed me that my blood test report concluded that I was HIV positive,” Pramod told MiD DAY.

A doctor at the hospital also advised Hema and her children to get HIV tests done. Hearing this Pramod went into severe depression and feared he might have passed on the virus to his family. In the following months he tried to end his life on three occasions.

Finally, following the advice of his friends, Pramod decided to get an HIV test done in September from another hospital in Chembur.

Doubts persist
The report stated that he was fine, but Pramod had his doubts. His friends then got him registered for a counselling session at KEM Hospital. On September 25, Pramod got another test done here and the report again came out negative.

The refusal
When he approached Inlaks on October 1, the doctor he met challenged the report from KEM and asked Pramod to get a retest done. However, the institute refused to reveal the findings for a couple of days. Pramod had an argument with the doctors following which the report was presented, which again claimed that he was HIV positive.

This worsened his condition and pushed Pramod back into depression. He finally mustered up courage to get a test done from JJ Hospital. The report, handed to him on December 12, came out negative.

The other side
Dr I Chakravorty, medical director, Inlaks General Hospital, said, “I was unaware about this case till now. I am shocked by the negligent attitude of our doctors and would like to apologise for the same. It is essential for a doctor to maintain confidentiality about a patient and his condition in such cases. We are a small set-up and are in no position to dispute the findings of KEM and JJ hospitals. I will definitely take appropriate action against these doctors.” 

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