After 'last' meeting with stepson, woman found with throat slit

Mar 26, 2012, 11:47 IST | Shiva Devnath

He met his stepmother 'one last time', and delivered the gloomy news to her that they wouldn't see each other again. Little did he know that soon, his prediction would enact itself with chilling accuracy. Mubarak Umba's stepmother Asma Umba (45) was found with her throat slit, an hour after their meeting.


The incident took place at the Ajay Mansion in Oshiwara yesterday. Asma had a biological child, Mujahid Umba (17), who lived with her. She was also stepmother to two sons — Mubarak Umba and Musaddi Umba  — born to her husband’s first wife. 
Home of the departed:  Ajay Mansion in Oshiwara, where the deceased Asma Umba lived, and was visited by her stepson an hour before being found dead by her biological son
According to the police, both Mubarak and Musaddi had moved out of the Umba household to live on their own in Nallasopara. They would meet Asma occasionally, and were very close to her. Asma used to stitch clothes to earn her livelihood. She had a rocky relationship with her husband Mustafa, who would visit her sparingly. Before meeting his stepmother yesterday, Mubarak had asked his father for permission. 
Relenting reluctantly, his father had instructed him not to meet Asma ever again. Bearing the unhappy tidings, Mubarak paid his stepmother one ‘last’ visit. 
During the visit, Asma’s biological son Mujahid was outside with his friends. After the meeting, Asma came down to the doorstep to see Mubarak off. 
An hour later, Mujahid headed back into the apartment, only to emerge shouting that his mother was lying dead in the apartment, with her throat slit. 
The initial theory that a disappointed Asma had committed suicide was eventually discarded, when the doctor said that the cut in the throat was too deep to have been self-inflicted. 
The police have started an investigation and registered a case under Section 302 (murder) of the Indian Penal Code, based on the doctor’s observations.
Police sources revealed that Mujahid is being considered a primary suspect in the case, based on the analysis of the blood spatter pattern on his clothes. 
Mujahid was detained yesterday for questioning. Mubarak is also being suspected.  “According to the primary investigation and the post mortem reports, there is a deep cut, and therefore a case under Section 302 for murder has been registered,” said DCP Pratap Dighavkar of zone 9.

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