After night-out with girlfriend, Darren Gough wants to patch-up with ex-wife Anna

Apr 08, 2014, 08:48 IST | A Correspondent

After spending night with Amy Childs, the very next morning, ex-England pacer Darren Gough tells a British tabloid that he is keen to get back to his ex-wife Anna

Former England pacer Darren Gough (43) is keen to patch up with his ex-wife Anna. While some would consider this good news for Anna and the former fast bowler's two sons, the timing of the development is not at all amusing.

Amy Childs. Pics/Getty Images
Amy Childs. Pics/Getty Images 

Gough was reported to have left his family home in Milton Keynes in Buckhinghamshire, which he'd been sharing with his wife, over an alleged affair with hottie Amy Childs (23), last month.

Then, two days ago, Gough and Amy made their first public appearance at an awards ceremony in London, where the couple even stayed the night at the hotel hosting the ceremony.

Morning after
The very next morning however, Gough told British tabloid The Sun: "If we (he and ex-wife Anna) can work things out it would be great. It's been tough. Very tough."

Former England pacer Darren Gough and his ex-wife Anna
Former England pacer Darren Gough and his ex-wife Anna

The same morning Childs wrote on a social media website that she needed an afternoon nap, indicating she hadn't slept well the previous night. "Afternoon nap is well needed today," Childs wrote on Twitter.

Gough and Childs first met while filming for Channel 4 reality show The Jump in January in Austria, where they got very close and openly flirted in front of the crew and general public too.

They also exchanged a series of steamy text messages, wherein Childs spoke of decorating Gough's private parts with jewelry and he, in turn, requested for lots of diamonds to be used for the same.

At the awards function two nights ago, Darren and Childs danced together, continuously held hands and are said to have even publicly shared a kiss. In fact, organisers of the party were later even
told to stop photographs of the couple being shot at the event.

Darren Gough denies romance with Amy Childs

Gough and Childs however, continue to deny any romantic involvement with each other. "We're just good friends," maintained Gough. Gough and Anna divorced in 2002 but reconciled in 2009, only for things to get sour once again last month resulting in the former England cricket walking out of their home.

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