After robber dies in lock-up, cops book locals for lynching

Mar 06, 2013, 07:17 IST | Shiva Devnath

Workers in Malwani caught 35-year-old trespassing their factory premises and beat him up before handing him over to the police; police said they found him out cold in the lock-up next day, and booked the workers for murder

The Malwani police officers have booked nine people including the owner of a cloth-dyeing company for allegedly lynching a 35-year-old robber in the wee hours of Tuesday. The locals, however, claim that they had handed over the robber to the Malwani police officers who beat him up.

According to the Malwani police, the robber, identified as Javed Hyder Ali, had tried to enter the premises of a dye manufacturing company owned by Amarjeet Singh and his brother Vijay. The police said Vijay and three of his employees used to sleep in the factory. At 1 am on Tuesday, Vijay saw someone trying to break into the factory premises.

Javed Hyder Ali was lynched for entering a dye factory and was later taken to the Malwani Police Station

“Vijay has been sleeping in the factory since there have been robberies in the factory,” said a police officer from the Malwani police station. Vijay, who was asleep near the boundary wall, got up and nabbed the trespasser. When he figured out that the intruder was a robber, he began beating him. His associates joined in and, after thrashing him, dragged the accused who was bleeding by now to the police station.

The police officers said they arrested Ali and locked him up. At 9 am on Tuesday when officers entered the lock-up they saw Ali sleeping. They tried to wake him up to take him to the hospital for a medical exam but he did not budge. The officers then rushed Ali to Bhagwati hospital where he was declared dead.

The police officers have now booked Vijay, Amarjeet and five others for murder. But Vijay and his employees pointed out that they had handed over the robber to the police at 1 am and he was declared dead at 9 am the next day.

Harinder Singh, one of the employees at the factory, said that when the factory workers turned Ali in at the police station, they saw police officers beating Ali inside the station. Mahesh Patil, deputy commissioner of police (zone XI), said, “Vijay and the others have been booked for lynching the robber. We are conducting enquiries to find out whether Ali was beaten up by the police. If we find that the officers had assaulted Ali, we will take action against them.”

Mob rule
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