After 'smoking kills', now 'don't cross tracks' to play at theatres soon

Sep 06, 2013, 07:04 IST | Vedika Chaubey

Inspired by the awareness film on tobacco that plays before every movie, Central Railway are shooting a film on the dangers of crossing railway tracks and other relevant safety issues

In another step to decrease the number of accidents on suburban trains and railway tracks, Central Railway (CR) is going digital. They are in the process of making a documentary film that will educate people on the dangers of crossing railway tracks, travelling on footboards and other safety issues.

Railway tracks
Nearly 7,000 people have lost their lives while crossing the railway tracks in the past three years. File pic

Around 7,000 people died while crossing railway tracks in the last 3 years (MiD DAY carried a detailed report on the same on July 26). According to the authorities at Central Railway, the idea for the film has been in the offing for quite some time. 

An official from Central Railway said, “Almost everyone who travels by train loves movies. Hence, we thought we could reach the maximum number of people through theatres. The film will educate people about the dangers of crossing railway tracks, performing stunts, travelling on footboards and rooftops and other such important issues.”

According to the official, more people die on railway tracks, than due to cancer caused by consumption of tobacco. “We are in talks with the government to permit the screening of this documentary film. We want to reach the maximum number of people,” added the official.

Although the Railway Protection Force (RPF) has had many drives against people committing such offences, the numbers haven’t reduced much. “Passengers follow safety regulations only till the drive is on. Once the drive is over, passengers go back to their violating ways,” said an RPF official.

The RPF regularly campaigns against travelling in handicapped coaches, crossing railway tracks, travelling on footboards etc. CR plans to show the documentary before the beginning of every movie. The documentary will be informative and make people aware about the dangers of crossing tracks, performing stunts etc. There will be statistics and figures and to drive home the point, interviews of families who have experienced the tragedies.

A K Singh, PRO, Central Railway, explained, “We are in process of making the documentary film for awareness of passengers. Thousands of passengers die every year on railway tracks and this film, if shown in cinema halls, can save many lives by making people aware.” Along with this film, there are other films in the pipeline, including one that shows frontline staff and their inner working.

Number of people who died crossing railway tracks in the last 3 years

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