After wife elopes with lover, man kills 2 daughters, self

Feb 20, 2014, 07:42 IST | Shruti Sonthalia

The 42-year-old killed his nine and five-year-old daughters and scrawled a suicide note across one of the walls saying that he was taking this step because of his wife’s betrayal

Dejected by his wife’s alleged extra-marital affair, a 42-year-old man from Nalasopara committed suicide after killing his two daughters. The man scrawled his suicide note across the wall of his room in his home, the spot where the murder-suicide took place.

After Sonali left with her lover, Shridhar killed his two daughters Shraddha (9) and Saidei (5) 
After Sonali left with her lover, Shridhar killed his two daughters Shraddha (9) and Saidei (5)

Shridhar Shetty, who worked as a manager in a hotel near their home at Saidham, Achole Road, Nalasopara (East), hanged himself with his wife’s dupatta, but not before he killed his two daughters — Shraddha (9) and Saidei (5).

According to the police, Shridhar’s wife Helen alias Sonali was having an affair with her next-door neighbour identified as Tejas Doshi. When Shridhar came to know of their relationship, he got angry and a fight broke out between the couple.

The suicide note which was written across the wall
The suicide note which was written across the wall

Things got worse when Sonali left home on February 14 with Tejas and returned three days later. Shetty got upset about this and confronted his wife when she returned, causing the situation to worsen even further. They both argued again after which she left home once again with Tejas.

Cops say that seeing Sonali leave the home, Shridhar felt betrayed by his wife. He then took the drastic step and ended his life after scrawling his suicide note across the wall. It read, ‘Meri aurat saamne wale ke saath bhaag gayi aur isliye main aisa kadam utha raha hu.

Main kuch bhi kar loonga aur iske liye tumhari mummy zimmedar hai. Main tumhari mummy ki khwaish pura nahi kar saka. Agar mummy meri photo fadegi to chalega, lekin tum meri photo mat fadna. Ab tum nau saal ki ho gayi ho, tum apni mummy ki tarah mat karna.’

Cops told MiD DAY that the incident came to light when Sonali’s sister came home to visit her but no one answered her knocks on Tuesday. She returned in the evening but again there was no answer. Realising something was amiss, she called the police and when they entered the home, found Shridhar hanging from the ceiling fan and the two daughters lying dead on the bed. The children had blood and foam coming out from their mouths.

Senior Inspector Mukund Mahajan of Nalasopara police station said, “We have registered the case under Section 302 (murder) against Shetty for killing two of his daughters but since he also committed suicide, the case will be closed. If we find negligence from his wife then we may file a case against her.” The police are still waiting for Sonali and her lover to return home.

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