Age-old dating dilemmas decoded

Apr 16, 2013, 13:21 IST | The Guide Team

Artistes Rozzlin Pereira and Ash Chandler offer advice on how to read 'The Signs'. Here's what they had to say

Do pick-up lines even work?
She says:
No. Pick-up lines are super-cheesy. She’s probably had 20,000 guys come up to her and say the same thing before.

What are the signs that she’s interested?
She says:
Eye contact. If she’s looking at you, she thinks you’re cute. The other sign is that we start to play with our hair; I’ve refuted this big time, but I’ve been caught doing it myself.

When is it okay for a guy to call without seeming ‘too needy’?
She says:
If she thinks you’re cute, no rules apply. He could call even 45 minutes later and it would be fine. If she’s not into you, it wouldn’t matter if you call 45 minutes or 45 days later.

Chest waxes. Manis. Pedis. Facials. Threading. Is there a line between metrosexual and we-aren’t-getting-sexual?
She says:
Definitely threading; even if he has a uni-brow. A man needs to be confident about himself. We already have our gay best friends.

Sex and relationships, Ash Chandler and Rozzlyn Periera
Rozzlin Pereira and Ash Chandler faced off in the relationship comedy, He Says She Says

When you ask ‘Am I fat?’, what’s the answer you’re looking for?
She says:
No! And you had better not flinch while saying it.

How can you tell if a guy is interested?
He says:
There are different rules for every guy. Women should use their intuition and stop trying to read the signs, because they are reading them wrong.

If a guy is making eye contact at a restaurant, should a woman take that to mean he’s interested, or that he’s plain creepy?
He says:
There is a fine line between eye contact and the piercing gaze of a psychopath. It could be either pure magic or plain tragic!

Why are guys so hung up about size?
He says:
We’re not. If nobody talked about it, we wouldn’t think about it.

Is there ever a ‘right’ time to have the where-is-this-relationship-going chat?
He says:
It doesn’t matter what I say. There are no rules when it comes to women.

Do guys want women to take the initiative in a relationship, or are they still stuck in the me-hunter-you-Jane mindset?
He says:
We’re in an evolutionary stage of gender. Men are confused. It would be lovely to have a handbook. Personally, I would find it incredibly flattering if a woman were to take the initiative. 

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