'Agent Vinod' - Saif's biggest opening!

Mar 27, 2012, 08:31 IST | Hiren Kotwani

But not enough for the total cost of the film

But not enough for the total cost of the film

He came, we saw � but he didn't exactly conquer, say the tradesmiths about Agent Vinod's tryst with the box office. Although Saif Ali Khan registered his biggest opening, it seems it wasn't big enough considering the money invested in the spy-thriller, also featuring Kareena Kapoor, and shot in a dozen countries.

A still from Agent Vinod

Pegging the first three days India collections at Rs 27.5crore, veteran trade analyst Komal Nahta asserts that were it shorter, crisper and less confusing, AV would have fared considerably better. "The audience got confused and the film ran a little too long. Besides, the climax was unintentionally funny," he says, adding that Monday witnessed a "terrible downslide".

In the same vein, another trade expert Amod Mehra states that it will be difficult for the Rs 65 crore movie to recover its cost. "The satellite rights have gone for only Rs 15 crore. And even including the overseas collections, the numbers are not good enough to boost the movie's overall earnings," he maintains.

Delhi-based distributor attributes the film's box office performance to the ongoing Navratri and exams. "Families don't venture out to see movies during Navtratri. Besides, exams are also going on in many places," he says, on condition of anonymity, adding that the script didn't hold the audience either.

A well-placed executive with a national multiplex chain tells us that the audience feels lost due to too many different negative characters in as many countries. "And the unexpected climax makes them feel even more let down," he summed up. From the Hollywood imports, The Hunger Games hasn't registered any great figures either, says our source.

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