Ahana Deol and her acting

Jun 01, 2012, 08:44 IST | Deepali Dhingra

Currently busy with her career as a designer, the younger Deol scion does not rule out the silver screen in a few years

After buzz that Ahana Deol was all set to give up her acting ambitions, Hema Malini’s younger daughter shares her ‘never say never’ mantra with us. In fact Hema had previously spoken aloud that even while Ahana was keen on pursuing her designing career at that moment, things could change over a span of time.

Ahana, who’s holding an exhibition of her latest eco-friendly designs including yoga mats, bags and dresses, admits that becoming an actress was never part of her plans. “But people have always perceived it that way,” she says.

So will she never act? “Not right now,” she says adding, “But you never know. What if I’m interested later? I have even written two scripts and I’m in the process of writing some more. If I want to direct them later in my life, then I will, but not at the moment.”

Right now, she just wants to concentrate on her fashion designing. “Some of my pieces are eco-friendly. I’m quite conscious of the environment,” she adds.

Five years down the line, Ahana says she could probably be doing all of the three — designing, acting and directing — or just one of them. “I’m interested in many things but I like to live in the present and don’t plan much for the future,” says Ahana.  

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