Ailing elephant Bijli continues to suffer in silence

Jun 18, 2013, 22:21 IST | NEHA LM TRIPATHI

Veterinarian arrives in Mumbai from Guwahati to treat ailing 58-year-old pachyderm

It’s been a week, but there’s no relief for ailing 58-year-old female elephant Bijli, who collapsed at an industrial complex in Mulund, a suburb in north-east Mumbai. A veterinarian, who specializes in treating heavy animal, has arrived in the city from Guwahati on Wednesday to treat her. 

The elephant is overweight and not able to bear her weight. She is presently being supported by a crane and is standing on her legs outside a garage in Mulund.

Bijli's condition hasn't impoved despite a week having passed since she collapsed in Mulund.

“A shade of approximate 40 x 20 feet has been made for the elephant. The aim of the shade is to save Bijli from the rains. The outer wound of the elephant may become worse if they are exposed to rain,” said Pawan Sharma from NGO RAWW (Resqink Association for Wildlife Welfare).

Bijli has been constantly facing health challenges since 2005, when she was believed to be returning from Alibaug, having been taken there for entertainment purposes by her owner.

According to some reports, Bijli has worked non-stop for the past over four decades, hired out to attend special functions, inaugurations, weddings, and other events in and around Mumbai.

Speaking with MiD DAY veterinarian Dr. K K Sharma, who was called from Guawhati to treat Bijli, said, “The elephant is very obese and is suffering from degenerated joint pain and so it cannot stand on her leg without support. We have kept her under observation but her disease cannot be cured.”

“She is already undergoing treatment and if required we will shift her to the animal hospital in Parel. She is under observation now and we are trying our best to treat her,” said R.K.Pole Chief Conservator of Forest (CCF) Thane.

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