Akshay has the last laugh

May 03, 2012, 08:22 IST | Hiren Kotwani

A cola company that refused to renew actor's endorsement deal during his luckless phase in Bollywood is now wooing him with double the money

Nothing succeeds like success, it has been often said. However, it seems like Akshay Kumar is discovering a new perspective of the oft-repeated quote.

Incidentally, a well-known cola brand that the actor endorsed for over more than eight years refused to renew his contract after seeing his rather lacklustre phase in Bollywood. However, with the turn of his wheel of fortune, the same company is back knowcking on his doors.

However, Khiladi Kumar doesn’t seem to be in a hurry to take it up despite the offer being apparently double of what he used to get earlier.

Incidentally, the cola brand had already signed up South star Mahesh Babu in place of Akshay to endorse the drink. While the reason that the cola company reportedly gave was their big consumer base in Andhra Pradesh, our source indicates that it was actually because of Akshay’s poor performance at the box office.

“Unfortunately for Akshay, his films like Khatta Meetha, Action Replayy, Tees Maar Khan and Patiala House didn’t become big hits. So the brand custodians of the cola company decided not to renew his endorsement deal,” explains our source.

Back with a bang
Thankfully for the actor, his last release Housefull 2 re-affirmed his status at the ticket windows. Besides, the buzz around his forthcoming film directed by Prabhudeva is quite positive and is expected to fetch a very good initial with its June 1 release. Our source points out that this has made the cola brand re-consider its decision about parting ways with the actor.

He adds, “They’ve not only offered Akshay to return as the brand ambassador, but are also offering him a higher fee than the last time.” It is learnt that as against the Rs 2.25 crore per day that the actor was paid earlier, the brand is willing to pay him R 3.5 crore per day now.

No tit for tat
Our source in the meanwhile maintains that Akshay is in no way trying to intentionally dilly-dally with coming back with a positive response for the officials of the brand.

He says, “Not at all. Akshay will give his reply considering the number of days the company requires from him. More so because his date diary is choc-a-bloc as he’s committed to four films, and will also be devoting ample time for their promotional campaigns.” 

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