Akshay to have a new approach to his films in 2013

Jan 10, 2013, 08:56 IST | Kunal M Shah and Asira Tarannum

It's a brand new year and Akshay Kumar has some spanking new plans. Buzz is that the actor wants to make a marked change in the way he approaches his films.

Akshay Kumar

Sources say that Akki no longer wants to be associated with action and comedy films only and wants to experiment with other genres. Word is that he also wants to do one film per year that has a social message woven around the storyline.

Akshay says, “I never wanted to put a tag on myself but aisa ho gaya. First I did a lot of comedies and than I did a lot of action films. With OMG: Oh My God! I want to completely change gears.”

The actor states in the past he has even pleaded with his directors to give him a change of scene. He says, “No one ever heard me and my pleas fell on deaf ears. I did so many films where I only played a cop and it was difficult to change that.”

And small budget films are also a part of his big plan. He says, “The script has to be good. Even for Neeraj Pande’s film I have only taken half of the remuneration that I normally charge.” 

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