Akshay Kumar has a brand new fan

Jul 03, 2012, 08:59 IST | Gauri Pradhan

Shreyas on how co-star Akki managed to impress him on the sets of their new film 'Joker'

While on the sets of his new film directed by Shirish Kunder, Shreyas admits that he had some rollicking time with his co-star Akshay Kumar. Speaking about Akki, with whom he has done another film in the past, Shreyas says, “Akshay Kumar is positivity personified,” and adds, “When he is on the sets, you can never get bored. He is like an elder brother; he’ll play pranks on you, fool around with you, but also be concerned about you.”

Shreyas also finds Akki very supportive of younger actors. While playing his younger brother in the film, Shreyas was supposed to make up his own dialogues in gibberish. Shreyas reminisces, “Akki bhai would encourage me to improvise.

He would say, ‘I will improvise too.’ Then Shirish would remind him, ‘Akki sir, woh aapka character nahi hai!’” The actor was also rather too impressed with his co-star’s workout regime. He says excitedly, “We had created a mini gym in a small room there, where we had put up a pull-up bar. At times between shots, he would get some of us to work out.” 

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